GamesMaster (magazine)

Editor Matt Sakuraoka-Gilman
Categories Computer and video game magazine
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 17,492 (Jan - Dec 2013)
First issue January 1993
Company Future plc
Summit Media (2003-2006)
Country United Kingdom
Philippines (2003-2006)
Language English
ISSN 0967-9855

GamesMaster is a monthly multi-format computer and video game magazine published by Future plc in the United Kingdom.[1] It is the biggest selling multi-format video games magazine in the United Kingdom, outselling its sister publication Edge.[2]


The magazine was launched in January 1993, to complement the television show of the same name. While the show has since ceased broadcasting, the magazine has carried on.[3]

The magazine publishes a number of reviews and previews of games; however this covers only half of the magazine as it includes latest gaming news, posters, letters from readers and monthly competitions. The popularity of the magazine has grown and now game producers even seek to achieve the elusive GamesMaster “Gold Award” for a reference on their package. The Gold Award is awarded to games that score 90% or higher.

GamesMaster Philippines

The Philippine publishing house Summit Media started a local edition of GamesMaster in September 2003. Each issue was initially priced at PhP95.00 (around US$2.06 or £1.27 as of December 2009), but later issues were priced at PhP100 (around US$2.17 or £1.34 as of December 2009). The edition quickly gained popularity with the local community because of its affordable price and extensive coverage of the Filipino gaming scene. GamesMaster Philippines ceased publication in September 2006 due to a corporate restructuring. Games and tech journalist Ed Geronia became the magazine's Editor-in-Chief with Jaykee Evangelista as its art director.

GamesMaster in Arabic

Between 1996 and 1999, a Lebanese publishing house republished the British version after a literal translation to Arabic.

Despite the very low quality in translation, the magazine sold well due to the huge demand from Arab video gamers which wasn't fulfilled with any real publication from the region. Each issue was priced for 25 Riyals/Durhams and it sold out almost the same day it reached bookshops.


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