Gamereactor Magazine, May 2010 Issue
Categories Video games, PC games
Frequency Published 8 times a year in Denmark, Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden and the UK.
Publisher Gamez Publishing A/S
First issue March 1998
Company Gamereactor
Country Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK/International, Portugal
Language Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, German, Italian, Spanish, English, Portuguese
ISSN 1653-3356

Gamereactor is one of Europe's biggest video game magazines and gaming sites and it covers video games on consoles, PC and mobile. It was started in Denmark in 1998 by Morten Reichel and Claus Reichel (Magazine and Online) - during the early years under the name The Magazine and Online site took over the online sites .se. no from Egmont Digital in 2001. Egmont started the sites in 1998. In 2001 they released Gamereactor Magazine in Norway and soon after Sweden. Since late 2007 Gamereactor has also been available in Finland, and it launched in Germany (Online only) in 2009. In 2010 they launched in Italy (Online only), and a Portuguese version came online in 2013.

The Magazine is free of charge and can be found in almost all game stores and electronics retailers in Denmark, Sweden Finland, Norway and since 2011 Germany and 2013 in the UK. The magazine releases 8 editions every year (it is not released in January or July), and is published in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, English and Finnish. It can also be subscribed to or downloaded in PDF format over the Internet. Countries where Gamereactor has a local website can also get the magazine in English.

On 1 September 2008 Gamereactor launched an English edition of the website and the magazine (PDF). Gamereactor International featured a news blog with a special interest in the Nordic gaming industry, video content from GRTV and a PDF magazine. The print magazine launched in the UK in 2013.

Smartphone Apps are available on both iPhone and Android platforms.

GRTV is also available as a Smart TV app for Samsung's Smart TV Hub platform. There is also a Gamereactor App available to download on PlayStation 4.

In 2004 Gamereactor Art Director Petter Hegevall was nominated in one of the biggest Swedish Design Awards.

In 2013 Gamereactor Magazine (UK) was nominated in the best Print Magazine category at the Games Media Awards, and in 2015 the team were nominated in the Best Editorial Team (Print) category.

Gamereactor is issued at the beginning of the month. The magazine reviews games with a score from 1-10, with 10 being the best.



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