Game of Throw-ins

Game of Throw-ins
Author Paul Howard
Illustrator Alan Clarke
Cover artist Alan Clarke
Country Ireland
Language English
Series Ross O'Carroll-Kelly
Published 8 September 2016 Penguin Books
Pages 400
ISBN 9781844883455
Preceded by Seedless in Seattle

Game of Throw-ins is a 2016 novel by Irish journalist and author Paul Howard and serves as the sixteenth book in the Ross O'Carroll-Kelly series.[1][2][3]

The title refers to the TV series Game of Thrones and the rugby throw-in.[4]


Ross joins a struggling Seapoint rugby team. Ronan is in a turf war with a rival Love/Hate tour operator. Honor is in love with a Justin Bieber lookalike. Fionnuala is marrying a 92-year-old billionaire.[5]


The Irish Times praised it, saying "This is sharp satire that manages the difficult trick of creating characters we care about. It is a very funny book, often hilarious, providing storylines that mostly keep the page-turning going. Yet it has a genuine heart of darkness hidden beneath the layers of craic, great gags, great storytelling and human warmth. In this way, Ross O'Carroll-Kelly is Ireland."[6]


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