Gallo-Italic of Basilicata

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Gallo-Italic of Basilicata
Native to Northwest Italy
Region Basilicata (Southern Italy)
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog None
Linguistic map of Italy

The Gallo-Italic of Basilicata (Italian: Gallo-italico di Basilicata) is a group of Gallo-Italic dialects found in Basilicata in southern Italy,[1] that could date back to migrations from Northern Italy during the time of Normans.

These dialects are found in two areas: one near the regional capital of Potenza (in Tito, Picerno, Pignola and Vaglio Basilicata),[2] and another on the Tyrrhenian coast (Trecchina, Rivello, Nemoli and San Costantino).[3]

Similar communities have survived in Sicily, speaking "Gallo-italici di Sicilia" dialects.


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