Galleria Alberto Sordi

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Galleria Alberto Sordi.

Galleria Alberto Sordi, until 2003 Galleria Colonna, is a shopping arcade in Rome named after the actor Alberto Sordi.

It was designed in the early 1900s by the architect Dario Carbone and constructed on the Via del Corso as Galleria Colonna (named after the homonymous square which stands across the Via del Corso).[1][2] It was built on the site of Palazzo Piombino and inaugurated in 1922.[1] The building is in the Art Nouveau style.[1][2] In 2003, following an accurate restoration, the then major Walter Veltroni decided to rename the Galleria after the popular Roman actor Alberto Sordi, deceased that year, as Sordi had started his career in a theatre, Teatro Galleria, which was part of the building.[1][2][3] The restored gallery was re-inaugurated with its new name on October 30, 2003.[3]


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