Galen (crater)


Coordinates 21°54′N 5°00′E / 21.9°N 5.0°E / 21.9; 5.0Coordinates: 21°54′N 5°00′E / 21.9°N 5.0°E / 21.9; 5.0
Diameter 10 km (6.2 mi)
Depth 1.6 km (0.99 mi)
Colongitude 355° at sunrise
Eponym Claudius Galen
Apollo 15 mapping camera image

Galen is a small lunar impact crater that lies in the rugged region between the Montes Apenninus range to the west and the Montes Haemus in the east. It is located to the south-southeast of the crater Aratus, a slightly larger formation. Further to the west is the crater Conon, near the flanks of the Montes Apeninnus. Galen was previously designated Aratus A before being given a name by the IAU.

Galen is a circular crater with a bowl-shaped interior and a sharp rim that has not undergone significant erosion. The small interior floor has a lower albedo than the surrounding walls.


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