Gakuryō Nakamura

Gakuryō Nakamura

Gakuryō Nakamura was a Japanese painter
Native name 中村岳陵
Born 1890
Died 1969
Nationality Japanese
Style Nihonga

Gakuryō Nakamura (中村岳陵, Nakamura Gakuryō) (18901969) was a Japanese Nihonga painter and designer.

He received a commission to decorate the Hōmei-den state banquet hall of the Tokyo Imperial Palace. He designed the tapestry works for the decorations of the wall called “Toyohata-gumo (A Pretty Bank of Clouds)”. He was also commissioned to decorate the Ume-no-Ma audience room, a hall that has an area of 152 square meters or 46 tsubo. His “Kouhaku-bai” drawing is at the centre of the wall.[1]

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