Gaius Servilius Geminus

This article is about the 82nd Roman dictator. For the Roman magistrate and father of Gaius Servilius Geminus, see Gaius Servilius Geminus (Praetor).
Gaius Servilius Geminus
Dictator of the Roman Republic
In office
202 BC
Preceded by Publius Sulpicius Galba Maximus
Succeeded by Lucius Cornelius Sulla
Consul of the Roman Republic
In office
203 BC
Preceded by Marcus Cornelius Cethegus and Publius Sempronius Tuditanus
Succeeded by Marcus Servilius Pulex Geminus and Tiberius Claudius Nero
Pontifex Maximus
In office
183 BC  180 BC
Preceded by Publius Licinius Crassus Dives
Succeeded by Marcus Aemilius Lepidus
Personal details
Died 180 BC
Religion Roman polytheism

Gaius Servilius Geminus (Latin: Caius Servilius Geminus) was a Roman statesman who served as the Consul in 203 BC, Dictator in 202 BC, and Pontifex Maximus from 183 BC to 180 BC.


Geminus was the son of Gaius Servilius Geminus, a Roman magistrate. He was a member of gens Servilia, a patrician family.

Early career

In 212 BC Geminus was sent to Etruria to buy grain for the troops of the Roman garrison in Tarentum, then besieged by Hannibal. He successfully penetrated into the city and delivered supplies. In 210 BC he was elected Pontifex in place of Titus Otacilius Crassus and in 209 BC was chosen as Aedile. He was selected to serve as magister equitum, while exercising his position as Aedile, under dictator Titus Manlius Torquatus. In 206 BC he became Propraetor and obtained Sicily as a province.

Consulship and later career

Geminus was elected consul, alongside Gnaeus Servilius Caepio, in 203 BC, and obtained Etruria as a province. From there he went to Cisalpine Gaul where his father of the same name was held as a prisoner of war since 218 BC. In 202 BC Geminus was named Dictator by Marcus Servilius Pulex Geminus to hold elections. He was the last person that held that position until Lucius Cornelius Sulla in 82 or 81 BC. In 201 BC he served as one of Decemviri responsible for the distribution of land among veterans who fought with Scipio the Elder. In 183 BC Geminus was elected Pontifex Maximus replacing Publius Licinius Crassus Dives.


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