Type and origin
Power type Diesel-electric
Builder Clyde Engineering, Kelso
Serial number 90-1277
Model Electro-Motive Diesel JT42C
Build date 1990
Total produced 1
UIC class Co-Co
Gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Length 18.87 m (61 ft 11 in)
Loco weight 132 tonnes (130 long tons; 146 short tons)
Fuel type Diesel
Prime mover Electro-Motive Diesel 12-710G3
Alternator Electro-Motive Diesel AR11-WBA-CA5
Traction motors Electro-Motive Diesel D87ETR
Performance figures
Maximum speed 121 km/h (75 mph)
Power output 2,460 kW (3,300 hp)
Tractive effort 413 kN (93,000 lbf)
Operators Goldsworthy Mining Company
Number in class 1
Numbers GML10
Delivered May 1990
First run April 1990
Current owner Qube Logistics
Disposition 1 in service

GML10 is a diesel locomotive built by Clyde Engineering, Kelso for Goldsworthy Mining Company in 1990.


The body and frame design of GML10 was based on the V/Line N class but internally it was similar to an Australian National DL class being fitted with an EMD 710 engine, different bogies and traction motors. It was used as the basis for the design of the New South Wales 82 class built from 1994.[1]

The locomotive was built for Goldsworthy Mining Company emerging from Clyde Engineering's Kelso factory in April 1990 for a trial run to Lithgow.[2] It was worked to Perth at the head of a freight train in May 1990 before being moved by road to the Goldsworthy railway.[3] The company was acquired by BHP Iron Ore in late 1990 and it was renumbered GML20 as BHP already had a locomotive carrying the number 10.[1] The loco was non-standard in BHP's General Electric locomotive fleet and was offered for sale in 1994.[1]

It was purchased by Comalco in August 1994 for use on its 20 km (12 mi) bauxite railway at Weipa, Queensland where it was renumbered R1004.[1][3]

In 2009, R1004 was sold to Australian Locolease who resold it to Qube Logistics. In late 2010 it was shipped to Newcastle before being taken to Chicago Freight Car Leasing Australia's Goulburn Railway Workshops for overhaul in March 2011.[3] It returned to service in August 2011 as GML10 operating Qube services in South Australia and Victoria.


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