List of All Stars Awards winners (hurling)

This is a list of all past winners of the official GAA GPA All Stars Awards since the first awards in 1971. As an insight to the prominent players of the 1960s, it also includes the unofficial "Cuchulainn" awards presented from 1963 to 1967 under the auspices of Gaelic Weekly magazine. Conor McCormack (actor) Aaron Hogan (actor) Ludwig Heffely (actor) Craig McDonald (actor) Peter Reynolds (actor)

Since 1971, the All Star Awards in hurling have been presented annually to a set of fifteen hurlers from that year's All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship, who are seen to be deserving of being named in a "Team of the Year". The shortlist is compiled by a selection committee steering group, while the overall winners are chosen by inter-county players themselves. The award is regarded by players as the highest accolade available to them, due to it being picked by their peers.


Positions[nb 1]
GK Goalkeeper
RCB Right corner-back
FB Full-back
LCB Left corner-back
RWB Right wing-back
CB Centre-back
LWB Left wing-back
MD Midfield
MD Midfield
RWF Eight wing-forward
CF Centre-forward
LWF Left wing-forward
RCF Right corner-forward
FF Full-forward
LCF Left corner-forward
Symbol Meaning
Appeared on an All-Stars team more than once
Pos. Position

1963 Cú Chulainn Awards

Ollie Walsh (Kilkenny), Tom Neville (Wexford), Austin Flynn (Waterford), John Doyle (Tipperary), Séamus Cleere (Kilkenny), Billy Rackard (Wexford), Larry Guinan (Waterford), Theo English (Tipperary), Des Foley (Dublin), Jimmy Doyle (Tipperary), Mick Flannelly (Waterford), Eddie Keher (Kilkenny), Liam Devaney (Tipperary), Jimmy Smyth (Clare), Phil Grimes (Waterford)

1964 Cú Chulainn Awards

Ollie Walsh (Kilkenny), John Doyle (Tiperary), Pa Dillon (Kilkenny), Tom Neville (Wexford), Séamus Cleere (Kilkenny), Tony Wall (Tipperary), Pat Henderson (Kilkenny), Mick Roche (Tipperary), Paddy Moran (Kilkenny), Jimmy Doyle (Tipperary), Michael 'Babs' Keating (Tipperary), Eddie Keher (Kilkenny), Tom Walsh (Kilkenny), John McKenna (Tipperary), Donie Nealon (Tipperary)

1965 Cú Chulainn Awards

John O'Donoghue (Tipperary), Tom Neville (Wexford), Austin Flynn (Waterford), Kieran Carey (Tipperary), Denis O’Riordan (Cork), Tony Wall (Tipperary), Jimmy Duggan (Galway), Phil Wilson (Wexford), Mick Roche (Tipperary), Jimmy Doyle (Tipperary), Pat Carroll (Kilkenny), Pat Cronin (Clare), Donie Nealon (Tipperary), John McKenna (Tipperary), Seán McLoughlin (Tipperary)

1966 Cú Chulainn Awards

Paddy Barry (Cork), Pat Henderson (Kilkenny), Austin Flynn (Waterford), Denis Murphy (Cork), Séamus Cleere (Kilkenny), Kevin Long (Limerick), Martin Coogan (hurler) (Kilkenny), Bernie Hartigan (Limerick), Theo English (Tipperary), Seánie Barry (Cork), Eddie Keher (Kilkenny), Pat Cronin (Clare), Paddy Molloy (Offaly), John McKenna (Tipperary), Mattie Fox (Galway)

Justin McCarthy (Cork) won 1966 Hurler of the Year but got no Cú Chulainn Award.

1967 Cú Chulainn Awards

Ollie Walsh (Kilkenny), Pat Henderson (Kilkenny), Pa Dillon (Kilkenny), Jim Treacy (Kilkenny), Séamus Cleere (Kilkenny), Jimmy Cullinan (Clare), Len Gaynor (Tipperary), Mick Roche (Tipperary), Paddy Moran (Kilkenny), Eddie Keher (Kilkenny), Tony Wall (Tipperary), Pat Cronin (Clare), Donie Nealon (Tipperary), Tony Doran (Wexford), Michael 'Babs' Keating (Tipperary)

1971: First "All Star" Awards[1]

GK Damien Martin Offaly 1 "For maintaining his very high level of brilliance in a position that invariably produced more than a few top class performances in any one year."
RCB Tony Maher Cork1"For his dependability. His unobtrusive but completely effective work in defence has always been the great quality of his hurling, particularly so this year."
FB Pat Hartigan Limerick1"For his contribution as one of the mainstays of Limerick's resurgence in 1971. At full back he showed unyielding stubbornness under the heaviest of pressure."
LCB Jim Treacy Kilkenny1"For maintaining his position as the outstanding left corner back in the country, for his sportsmanship and calm play in every situation."
RWB Tadhg O'Connor Tipperary1"For captaining Tipperary in their recapture of the All-Ireland championship. His qualities of leadership and great-hearted spirit were repeatedly in evidence throughout the season."
CB Mick Roche Tipperary1"For his memorable performances as one of the hurling perfectionists of his era, his true brilliance comes to the surface when the competition is at its hottest."
LWB Martin Coogan Kilkenny1"For bringing his judgement and experience out of retirement in 1971. His steadying influence was a major reason for the return of the Leinster title to Kilkenny."
MD John Connolly Galway1"For the admirable hurling style exemplified in his play. His crisp, deft striking of the ball was one but one of his many splendid skills."
MD Frank Cummins Kilkenny1"For his considerable role in recapturing the Leinster title for Kilkenny and Cork championship for Blackrock. All the promise of his early hurling years blossomed in 1971."
RWF Francis Loughnane Tipperary1"For his quick incisive forward play. His scoring ability was one of the factors enabling his County to become All-Ireland champions in 1971."
CF Michael Keating Tipperary1"For his exemplary performance in recovering his County team place and then becoming the inspiration of his team's many fine achievements during the year."
LWF Eddie Keher Kilkenny1"For his consummate artistry, the poise and grace he brings to his chosen sport. For a decade his play has delighted thousands of lovers of the game."
RCF Mick Bermingham Dublin1"For his stalwart contribution to the Dublin attack during the season. His skill, earnestness and unflagging enthusiasm made him the country's leading scorer in 1971."
FF Ray Cummins Cork1"For introducing a new degree of subtlety into full-forward play. His perfect coordination and the wide variety of his attacking play continually setting up scores."
LCF Éamonn Cregan Limerick1"For his speed, elusiveness and powerful shot which unite to make him one of the most successful score-getters of modern times. His effectiveness was strikingly emphasised during 1971."


GK Noel Skehan Kilkenny1"For loyalty and devotion to his native county: for truly magnificent goalkeeping as he led Kilkenny to their 18th Championship."
RCB Tony Maher Cork2"For the courage he showed in overcoming injury and returning to demonstrate that his outstanding defensive qualities had not been diminished."
FB Pat Hartigan Limerick2"For consummate skill as a ball player: for consistency as a dependable defender even when fortune turned against his county."
LCB Jim Treacy Kilkenny2"For stubbornness and dependability under the sternest pressure and for proving yet again that he is the outstanding left corner back in the country."
RWB Pat Lawlor Kilkenny1"For his alertness and mobility in defence. His defensive ability contributing so much to his county's success in 1972."
CB Mick Jacob Wexford1"For his sparkling hurling style, his intelligent understanding of the game and his refusal to give up in the most difficult of situations."
LWB Con Roche Cork1"For the intensity of purpose and absolute determination which makes him an unshakeable defender: for his classic striking of the ball."
MD Frank Cummins Kilkenny2"For the self-assurance and poise which makes him a midfielder of highest stature: for another year of power in the middle for Kilkenny."
MD Denis Coughlan Cork1"For his hard work and devotion to the game and his county and for his dexterity and elegance in his play."
RWF Francis Loughnane Tipperary2"For his spirit and accuracy in attack and for the incisive forward play that always makes him a danger near the goal."
CF Pat Delaney Kilkenny1"For his straight-forward hard play which always commands the highest respect from the opposing defence."
LWF Eddie Keher Kilkenny2"For continuing to be the peerless marksman in in the game from play and from frees: for his shrewd and brilliant use of the ball."
RCF Charlie McCarthy Cork1"For his great speed and sheer accuracy which gives him opportunities to score from the most unlikely situation."
FF Ray Cummins Cork2"For the supremely high standard he continues to set for full-forward play: for his utter unselfishness in bringing his team-mates into the game."
LCF Éamonn Cregan Limerick2"For his solo-running in attack which can split a defence: for his adaptability in other positions out the field."


GK Noel Skehan Kilkenny2"For his courageous defiance, his agility and trustworthiness making him the kind of goalkeeper that any player would be happy to have behind him."
RCB Phil "Fan" Larkin Kilkenny1"For his dependability in defence, which combines with his natural hurling skill to establish him as one of the great corner backs of today."
FB Pat Hartigan Limerick3"For his undiminished skill and dependability in a very demanding position where quite often brawn is substituted for hurling artistry."
LCB Jim O'Brien Limerick1"For his rare bravery and mobility: for the all-round splender of his contribution to Limerick's much-delayed return to championship honours."
RWB Colm Doran Wexford1"For his alertness and sense of judgement, for the crispness of his stroke which played such a sizeable part in regaining the National League title for his county."
CB Pat Henderson Kilkenny1"For his sheer skill and obstinacy in defence, his tenacious approach and the devotion he continues to give to the game."
LWB Seán Foley Limerick1"For the fervour he brings to all facets of hurling, and particularly for his dedicated half-back play which contributed so much to Limerick's 1973 successes."
MD Liam O'Brien Kilkenny1"For his artistic stick-work which he has demonstrated with increasing regularity, and for establishing himself as one of the most elegant and energetic midfielders of recent times."
MD Richie Bennis Limerick1"For the level-headedness he has so frequently shown in the tightest of situations and for his exceptionally high rate of scoring."
RWF Francis Loughnane Tipperary3"For his incisive intelligent running which so often splits opposing defences: for the remarkable consistency and accuracy of his marksmanship."
CF Pat Delaney Kilkenny2"For highlighting just how vigorous play can be totally fair, particularly during his famous attacks towards the opposing goal."
LWF Éamonn Grimes Limerick1"For his seemingly limitless energy and his desire to work all over the field: qualities which have made him a natural leader and a high scorer."
RCF Martin Quigley Wexford1"For the wide range of his playing skills, his constancy of purpose and his obvious versatility."
FF Kieran Purcell Kilkenny1"For the out-and-out hard work he puts into the game. For his power of striking and his adaptability in attack."
LCF Eddie Keher Kilkenny3"For his enormously successful scoring record, his fluency of stroke and his accurate passing which create so many chances for his team mates."


GK Noel Skehan Kilkenny3
RCB Phil 'Fan' Larkin Kilkenny2
FB Pat Hartigan Limerick4
LCB John Horgan Cork1
RWB Ger Loughnane Clare1
CB Pat Henderson Kilkenny2
LWB Con Roche Cork2
MD Liam 'Chunky' O'Brien Kilkenny2
MD John Galvin Waterford1
RWF Joe McKenna Limerick1
CF Martin Quigley Wexford2
LWF Mick Crotty Kilkenny1
RCF John Quigley Wexford1
FF Kieran Purcell Kilkenny2
LCF Eddie Keher Kilkenny4


GK Noel Skehan Kilkenny4
RCB Niall McInerney Galway1
FB Pat Hartigan Limerick5
LCB Brian Cody Kilkenny1
RWB Tadhg O'Connor Tipperary1
CB Seán Silke Galway1
LWB Iggy Clarke Galway1
MD Liam 'Chunky' O'Brien Kilkenny3
MD Gerald McCarthy Cork1
RWF Martin Quigley Wexford3
CF Joe McKenna Limerick2
LWF Éamonn Grimes Limerick2
RCF Mick Brennan Kilkenny1
FF Kieran Purcell Kilkenny3
LCF Eddie Keher Kilkenny5


GK Noel Skehan Kilkenny5
RCB Phil 'Fan' Larkin Kilkenny3
FB Willie Murphy Wexford1
LCB John McMahon Clare1
RWB Joe McDonagh Galway1
CB Mick Jacob Wexford2
LWB Denis Coughlan Cork2
MD Frank Burke Galway1
MD Pat Moylan Cork1
RWF Mick Malone Cork1
CF Martin Quigley Wexford4
LWF Jimmy Barry-Murphy Cork1
RCF Mick Brennan Kilkenny2
FF Tony Doran Wexford1
LCF Seánie O'Leary Cork1


GK Séamus Durack Clare1
RCB John McMahon Clare2
FB Martin O'Doherty Cork1
LCB John Horgan Cork2
RWB Ger Loughnane Clare2
CB Mick Jacob Wexford3
LWB Denis Coughlan Cork3
MD Tom Cashman Cork1
MD Mick Moroney Clare1
RWF Christy Keogh Wexford1
CF Jimmy Barry-Murphy Cork2
LWF P. J. Molloy Galway1
RCF Charlie McCarthy Cork2
FF Ray Cummins Cork3
LCF Seánie O'Leary Cork2


GK Séamus Durack Clare2
RCB Phil 'Fan' Larkin Kilkenny4
FB Martin O'Doherty Cork2
LCB John Horgan Cork3
RWB Joe Hennessey Kilkenny1
CB Ger Henderson Kilkenny1
LWB Denis Coughlan Cork4
MD Tom Cashman Cork2
MD Iggy Clarke Galway2
RWF Jimmy Barry-Murphy Cork3
CF Noel Casey Clare1
LWF Colm Honan Clare1
RCF Charlie McCarthy Cork2
FF Joe McKenna Limerick3
LCF Tommy Butler Tipperary1


GK Pat McLoughney Tipperary1
RCB Brian Murphy Cork1
FB Martin O'Doherty Cork3
LCB Tadhg O'Connor Tipperary3
RWB Dermot McCurtain Cork1
CB Ger Henderson Kilkenny2
LWB Iggy Clarke Galway3
MD John Connolly Galway2
MD Joe Hennessey Kilkenny1
RWF John Callinan Clare1
CF Frank Burke Galway2
LWF Liam 'Chunky' O'Brien Kilkenny4
RCF Mick Brennan Kilkenny3
FF Joe McKenna Limerick4
LCF Ned Buggy Wexford1


GK Pat McLoughney Tipperary2
RCB Niall McInerney Galway2
FB Leonard Enright Limerick1
LCB Jimmy Cooney Galway1
RWB Dermot McCurtain Cork2
CB Sean Silke Galway2
LWB Iggy Clarke Galway4
MD Joachim Kelly Offaly1
MD Mossie Walsh Waterford1
RWF Joe Connolly Galway3
CF Pat Horgan Cork1
LWF Pat Carroll Offaly1
RCF Bernie Forde Galway1
FF Joe McKenna Limerick5
LCF Éamonn Cregan Limerick3


GK Séamus Durack Clare3
RCB Brian Murphy Cork2
FB Leonard Enright Limerick2
LCB Jimmy Cooney Galway2
RWB Liam O'Donoghue Limerick1
CB Seán Stack Clare1
LWB Ger Coughlan Offaly1
MD Steve Mahon Galway1
MD Liam Currams Offaly1
RWF John Callinan Clare2
CF George O'Connor Wexford1
LWF Mark Corrigan Offaly1
RCF Pat Carroll Offaly2
FF Joe McKenna Limerick6
LCF Johnny Flaherty Offaly1


GK Noel Skehan Kilkenny6
RCB John Galvin Waterford2
FB Brian Cody Kilkenny2
LCB Pat Fleury Offaly1
RWB Aidan Fogarty Offaly1
CB Ger Henderson Kilkenny3
LWB Paddy Prendergast Kilkenny1
MD Tim Crowley Cork1
MD Frank Cummins Kilkenny3
RWF Tony O'Sullivan Cork1
CF Pat Horgan Cork2
LWF Richie Power Kilkenny1
RCF Billy Fitzpatrick Kilkenny1
FF Christy Heffernan Kilkenny1
LCF Jim Greene Waterford1


GK Noel Skehan Kilkenny7
RCB John Henderson Kilkenny1
FB Leonard Enright Limerick3
LCB Dick O'Hara Kilkenny1
RWB Joe Hennessy Kilkenny2
CB Ger Henderson Kilkenny4
LWB Tom Cashman Cork3
MD John Fenton Cork1
MD Frank Cummins Kilkenny4
RWF Nicky English Tipperary1
CF Ger Fennelly Kilkenny1
LWF Noel Lane Galway1
RCF Billy Fitzpatrick Kilkenny2
FF Jimmy Barry-Murphy Cork4
LCF Liam Fennelly Kilkenny1


GK Ger Cunningham Cork1
RCB Paudie Fitzmaurice Limerick1
FB Eugene Coughlan Offaly1
LCB Pat Fleury Offaly2
RWB Joe Hennessy Kilkenny3
CB Johnny Crowley Cork1
LWB Dermot McCurtain Cork3
MD John Fenton Cork2
MD Joachim Kelly Offaly2
RWF Nicky English Tipperary2
CF Kieran Brennan Kilkenny1
LWF Paddy Kelly Limerick1
RCF Tomás Mulcahy Cork1
FF Noel Lane Galway2
LCF Seánie O'Leary Cork3


GK Ger Cunningham Cork2
RCB Séamus Coen Galway1
FB Eugene Coughlan Offaly2
LCB Sylvie Linnane Galway1
RWB Pete Finnerty Galway1
CB Pat Delaney Offaly1
LWB Ger Coughlan Offaly1
MD John Fenton Cork3
MD Pat Critchley Laois1
RWF Nicky English Tipperary3
CF Brendan Lynskey Galway1
LWF Joe Cooney Galway1
RCF Pat Cleary Offaly1
FF Pádraig Horan Offaly1
LCF Liam Fennelly Kilkenny2


GK Ger Cunningham Cork3
RCB Denis Mulcahy Cork1
FB Conor Hayes Galway1
LCB Sylvie Linnane Galway2
RWB Pete Finnerty Galway2
CB Tony Keady Galway1
LWB Bobby Ryan Tipperary1
MD John Fenton Cork4
MD Richie Power Kilkenny2
RWF Tony O'Sullivan Cork2
CF Tomás Mulcahy Cork2
LWF Joe Cooney Galway2
RCF David Kilcoyne Westmeath1
FF Jimmy Barry-Murphy Cork5
LCF Kevin Hennessy Cork1


GK Ken Hogan Tipperary1
RCB Joe Hennessy Kilkenny4
FB Conor Hayes Galway2
LCB Ollie Kilkenny Galway1
RWB Pete Finnerty Galway3
CB Ger Henderson Kilkenny5
LWB John Conran Wexford1
MD Steve Mahon Galway1
MD John Fenton Cork5
RWF Michael McGrath Galway1
CF Joe Cooney Galway3
LWF Aidan Ryan Tipperary1
RCF Pat Fox Tipperary1
FF Nicky English Tipperary4
LCF Liam Fennelly Kilkenny3


GK John Commins Galway1
RCB Sylvie Linnane Galway3
FB Conor Hayes Galway3
LCB Martin Hanamy Offaly1
RWB Pete Finnerty Galway4
CB Tony Keady Galway2
LWB Bobby Ryan Tipperary2
MD Colm Bonnar Tipperary1
MD George O'Connor Wexford2
RWF Declan Ryan Tipperary1
CF Ciaran Barr Antrim1
LWF Martin Naughton Galway1
RCF Michael McGrath Galway2
FF Nicky English Tipperary5
LCF Tony O'Sullivan Cork3


GK John Commins Galway2
RCB Aidan Fogarty Offaly2
FB Éamonn Cleary Wexford1
LCB Dessie Donnelly Antrim1
RWB Conal Bonnar Tipperary1
CB Bobby Ryan Tipperary3
LWB Seán Treacy Galway1
MD Michael Coleman Galway1
MD Declan Carr Tipperary1
RWF Éanna Ryan Galway1
CF Joe Cooney Galway4
LWF Olcan McFetridge Antrim1
RCF Pat Fox Tipperary2
FF Cormac Bonnar Tipperary1
LCF Nicky English Tipperary6


GK Ger Cunningham Cork4
RCB John Considine Cork1
FB Noel Sheehy Tipperary1
LCB Seán O'Gorman Cork1
RWB Pete Finnerty Galway5
CB Jim Cashman Cork1
LWB Liam Dunne Wexford1
MD Michael Coleman Galway2
MD Johnny Pilkington Offaly1
RWF Michael Cleary Tipperary1
CF Joe Cooney Galway5
LWF Tony O'Sullivan Cork4
RCF Eamon Morrissey Kilkenny1
FF Brian McMahon Dublin1
LCF John Fitzgibbon Cork1


GK Michael Walsh Kilkenny1
RCB Paul Delaney Tipperary1
FB Noel Sheehy Tipperary2
LCB Seán Treacy Galway2
RWB Conal Bonnar Tipperary2
CB Jim Cashman Cork2
LWB Cathal Casey Cork1
MD Terence McNaughton Antrim1
MD John Leahy Tipperary1
RWF Michael Cleary Tipperary2
CF Gary Kirby Limerick1
LWF D. J. Carey Kilkenny1
RCF Pat Fox Tipperary3
FF Cormac Bonnar Tipperary2
LCF John Fitzgibbon Cork2


GK Tommy Quaid Limerick1
RCB Brian Corcoran Cork1
FB Pat Dwyer Kilkenny1
LCB Liam Simpson Kilkenny1
RWB Brian Whelahan Offaly1
CB Ciarán Carey Limerick1
LWB Willie O'Connor Kilkenny1
MD Michael Phelan Kilkenny1
MD Seánie McCarthy Cork1
RWF Gerard McGrattan Down1
CF John Power Kilkenny1
LWF Tony O'Sullivan Cork5
RCF Michael Cleary Tipperary3
FF Liam Fennelly Kilkenny4
LCF D. J. Carey Cork2


GK Michael Walsh Kilkenny2
RCB Eddie O'Connor Kilkenny1
FB Seán O'Gorman Cork1
LCB Liam Simpson Kilkenny2
RWB Liam Dunne Wexford2
CB Pat O'Neill Kilkenny1
LWB Pádraig Kelly Galway1
MD Pat Malone Galway1
MD Paul McKillen Antrim1
RWF Martin Storey Wexford1
CF John Power Kilkenny2
LWF D. J. Carey Kilkenny3
RCF Michael Cleary Tipperary4
FF Joe Rabbitte Galway1
LCF Barry Egan Cork1


GK Joe Quaid Limerick1
RCB Anthony Daly Clare1
FB Kevin Kinahan Offaly1
LCB Martin Hanamy Offaly1
RWB Dave Clarke Limerick1
CB Hubert Rigney Offaly1
LWB Kevin Martin Offaly1
MD Mike Houlihan Limerick1
MD Ciarán Carey Limerick2
RWF Johnny Dooley Offaly1
CF Gary Kirby Limerick2
LWF John Leahy Tipperary2
RCF Billy Dooley Offaly1
FF D. J. Carey Kilkenny4
LCF Damien Quigley Limerick1


GK Davy Fitzgerald Clare1
RCB Kevin Kinahan Offaly2
FB Brian Lohan Clare1
LCB Liam Doyle Clare1
RWB Brian Whelahan Offaly2
CB Seánie McMahon Clare1
LWB Anthony Daly Clare2
MD Michael Coleman Galway2
MD Ollie Baker Clare1
RWF Johnny Dooley Offaly2
CF Gary Kirby Limerick3
LWF Jamesie O'Connor Clare1
RCF Billy Dooley Offaly2
FF D. J. Carey Kilkenny5
LCF Ger O'Loughlin Clare1


GK Joe Quaid Limerick2
RCB Tom Helebert Galway1
FB Brian Lohan Clare2
LCB Larry O'Gorman Wexford1
RWB Liam Dunne Wexford3
CB Ciarán Carey Limerick3
LWB Mark Foley Limerick1
MD Adrian Fenlon Wexford1
MD Mike Houlihan Limerick2
RWF Rory McCarthy Wexford1
CF Martin Storey Wexford2
LWF Larry Murphy Wexford1
RCF Liam Cahill Tipperary1
FF Gary Kirby Limerick4
LCF Tom Dempsey Wexford1


GK Damien Fitzhenry Wexford1
RCB Paul Shelly Tipperary1
FB Brian Lohan Clare3
LCB Willie O'Connor Kilkenny2
RWB Liam Doyle Clare2
CB Seánie McMahon Clare2
LWB Liam Keoghan Kilkenny1
MD Colin Lynch Clare1
MD Tommy Dunne Tipperary1
RWF Jamesie O'Connor Clare2
CF Declan Ryan Tipperary2
LWF John Leahy Tipperary3
RCF Kevin Broderick Galway1
FF Ger O'Loughlin Clare2
LCF D. J. Carey Kilkenny6


GK Stephen Byrne Offaly1
RCB Willie O'Connor Kilkenny3
FB Kevin Kinahan Offaly3
LCB Martin Hanamy Offaly2
RWB Anthony Daly Clare3
CB Seánie McMahon Clare3
LWB Kevin Martin Offaly2
MD Tony Browne Waterford1
MD Ollie Baker Clare2
RWF Michael Duignan Offaly1
CF Martin Storey Wexford3
LWF Jamesie O'Connor Clare3
RCF Joe Dooley Offaly1
FF Brian Whelahan Offaly3
LCF Charlie Carter Kilkenny1


GK Donal Óg Cusack Cork1
RCB Fergal Ryan Cork1
FB Diarmuid O'Sullivan Cork1
LCB Frank Lohan Clare1
RWB Brian Whelahan Offaly4
CB Brian Corcoran Cork2
LWB Peter Barry Kilkenny1
MD Andy Comerford Kilkenny1
MD Tommy Dunne Tipperary2
RWF D. J. Carey Kilkenny7
CF John Troy Offaly1
LWF Brian McEvoy Kilkenny1
RCF Seánie McGrath Cork1
FF Joe Deane Cork1
LCF Niall Gilligan Clare1


GK Brendan Cummins Tipperary1
RCB Noel Hickey Kilkenny1
FB Diarmuid O'Sullivan Cork2
LCB Willie O'Connor Kilkenny4
RWB John Carroll Tipperary1
CB Eamonn Kennedy Kilkenny1
LWB Peter Barry Kilkenny2
MD Johnny Dooley Offaly3
MD Andy Comerford Kilkenny2
RWF Denis Byrne Kilkenny1
CF Joe Rabbitte Galway2
LWF Henry Shefflin Kilkenny1
RCF Charlie Carter Kilkenny2
FF D. J. Carey Kilkenny8
LCF Joe Deane Cork2


GK Brendan Cummins Tipperary2
RCB Darragh Ryan Wexford1
FB Philip Maher Tipperary1
LCB Ollie Canning GAlway1
RWB Eamonn Corcoran Tipperary1
CB Liam Hodgins Galway1
LWB Mark Foley Limerick2
MD Tommy Dunne Tipperary3
MD Eddie Enright Tipperary1
RWF Mark O'Leary Tipperary1
CF Jamesie O'Connor Clare4
LWF Kevin Broderick Galway2
RCF Charlie Carter Kilkenny3
FF Eugene Cloonan Galway1
LCF Eoin Kelly Tipperary1


GK Davy Fitzgerald Clare2
RCB Michael Kavanagh Kilkenny1
FB Brian Lohan Clare4
LCB Philly Larkin Kilkenny1
RWB Fergal Hartley Waterford1
CB Peter Barry Kilkenny3
LWB Paul Kelly Tipperary1
MD Colin Lynch Clare2
MD Derek Lyng Kilkenny1
RWF Eoin Kelly Waterford1
CF Henry Shefflin Kilkenny2
LWF Ken McGrath Waterford1
RCF Eoin Kelly Tipperary2
FF Martin Comerford Kilkenny1
LCF D. J. Carey Kilkenny9


GK Brendan Cummins Tipperary3
RCB Michael Kavanagh Kilkenny2
FB Noel Hickey Kilkenny2
LCB Ollie Canning Galway2
RWB Seán Óg Ó hAilpín Cork1
CB Ronan Curran Cork1
LWB J. J. Delaney Kilkenny1
MD Derek Lyng Kilkenny2
MD Tommy Walsh Kilkenny1
RWF John Mullane Waterford1
CF Henry Shefflin Kilkenny3
LWF Eddie Brennan Kilkenny1
RCF Setanta Ó hAilpín Cork1
FF Martin Comerford Kilkenny2
LCF Joe Deane Cork3


GK Damien Fitzhenry Wexford2
RCB Wayne Sherlock Cork1
FB Diarmuid O'Sullivan Cork3
LCB Tommy Walsh Kilkenny2
RWB J. J. Delaney Kilkenny2
CB Ronan Curran Cork2
LWB Seán Óg Ó hAilpín Cork2
MD Ken McGrath Waterford2
MD Jerry O'Connor Cork1
RWF Dan Shanahan Waterford1
CF Niall McCarthy Cork1
LWF Henry Shefflin Kilkenny4
RCF Eoin Kelly Tipperary3
FF Brian Corcoran Cork3
LCF Paul Flynn Waterford1


GK Davy Fitzgerald Clare3
RCB Pat Mulcahy Cork1
FB Diarmuid O'Sullivan Cork4
LCB Ollie Canning Galway3
RWB Derek Hardiman Galway1
CB John Gardiner Cork1
LWB Seán Óg Ó hAilpín Cork3
MD Jerry O'Connor Cork2
MD Paul Kelly Tipperary2
RWF Ben O'Connor Cork1
CF Henry Shefflin Kilkenny5
LWF Tommy Walsh Kilkenny3
RCF Ger Farragher Galway1
FF Eoin Kelly Tipperary4
LCF Damien Hayes Galway1


GK Donal Óg Cusack Cork2
RCB Eoin Murphy Waterford1
FB J. J. Delaney Kilkenny3
LCB Brian Murphy Cork1
RWB Tony Browne Waterford2
CB Ronan Curran Cork3
LWB Tommy Walsh Kilkenny4
MD Jerry O'Connor Cork3
MD James "Cha" Fitzpatrick Kilkenny1
RWF Dan Shanahan Waterford2
CF Henry Shefflin Kilkenny6
LWF Eddie Brennan Kilkenny2
RCF Eoin Kelly Tipperary5
FF Martin Comerford Kilkenny3
LCF Tony Griffin Clare1



GK Brian Murray Limerick1
RCB Michael Kavanagh Kilkenny3
FB Declan Fanning Tipperary1
LCB Jackie Tyrrell Kilkenny1
RWB Tommy Walsh Kilkenny5
CB Ken McGrath Waterford3
LWB Tony Browne Waterford3
MD Michael Walsh Waterford1
MD James 'Cha' Fitzpatrick Kilkenny2
RWF Dan ShanahanHOTY Waterford3
CF Ollie Moran Limerick1
LWF Stephen Molumphy Waterford1
RCF Andrew O'Shaughnessy Limerick1
FF Henry Shefflin Kilkenny7
LCF Eddie Brennan Kilkenny3



GK Brendan Cummins Tipperary4
RCB Michael Kavanagh Kilkenny4
FB Noel Hickey Kilkenny3
LCB Jackie Tyrrell Kilkenny2
RWB Tommy Walsh Kilkenny6
CB Conor O'Mahony Tipperary1
LWB J. J. Delaney Kilkenny4
MD James 'Cha' Fitzpatrick Kilkenny3
MD Shane McGrath Tipperary1
RWF Ben O'Connor Cork2
CF Henry Shefflin Kilkenny8
LWF Eoin LarkinHOTY Kilkenny1
RCF Eddie Brennan Kilkenny4
FF Eoin Kelly Waterford2
LCF Joe CanningYHOTY Galway1



GK P. J. Ryan Kilkenny1
RCB Ollie Canning Galway4
FB Pádraic Maher Tipperary1
LCB Jackie Tyrrell Kilkenny3
RWB Tommy WalshHOTY Kilkenny7
CB Michael Walsh Waterford2
LWB Conor O'Mahony Tipperary2
MD Michael Rice Kilkenny1
MD Alan McCrabbe Dublin1
RWF Lar Corbett Tipperary1
CF Henry Shefflin Kilkenny9
LWF Eoin Larkin Kilkenny2
RCF Noel McGrathYHOTY Tipperary1
FF Joe Canning Galway2
LCF John Mullane Waterford2



GK Brendan Cummins Tipperary5
RCB Noel Connors Waterford1
FB Paul Curran Tipperary1
LCB Jackie Tyrrell Kilkenny4
RWB Tommy Walsh Kilkenny8
CB Michael Walsh Waterford3
LWB J. J. Delaney Kilkenny5
MD Michael Fennelly Kilkenny1
MD Brendan MaherYHOTY Tipperary1
RWF Damien Hayes Galway2
CF Noel McGrath Tipperary2
LWF Lar CorbettHOTY Tipperary2
RCF John Mullane Waterford3
FF Richie Power Kilkenny1
LCF Eoin Kelly Tipperary6



GK Gary Maguire Dublin1
RCB Paul Murphy Kilkenny1
FB Paul Curran Tipperary2
LCB Michael Cahill Tipperary1
RWB Tommy Walsh Kilkenny9
CB Brian Hogan Kilkenny1
LWB Pádraic Maher Tipperary2
MD Liam Rushe Dublin1
MD Michael FennellyHOTY Kilkenny2
RWF Michael Rice Kilkenny2
CF Richie Power Kilkenny2
LWF Henry Shefflin Kilkenny10
RCF John Mullane Waterford4
FF Lar Corbett Tipperary3
LCF Richie Hogan Kilkenny1



GK Anthony Nash Cork1
RCB Paul Murphy Kilkenny2
FB J. J. Delaney Kilkenny6
LCB Fergal Moore Galway1
RWB Brendan Bugler Clare1
CB Brian Hogan Kilkenny2
LWB David Collins Galway1
MD Iarla Tannian Galway1
MD Kevin Moran Waterford1
RWF T. J. Reid Kilkenny1
CF Henry ShefflinHOTY Kilkenny11
LWF Damien Hayes Galway3
RCF John Mullane Waterford5
FF Joe Canning Galway3
LCF David Burke Galway1



GK Anthony Nash Cork2
RCB Richie McCarthy Limerick1
FB Peter Kelly Dublin1
LCB David McInerney Clare1
RWB Brendan Bugler Clare2
CB Liam Rushe Dublin2
LWB Patrick Donnellan Clare1
MD Colm Galvin Clare1
MD Conor Ryan Clare1
RWF Séamus Harnedy Cork1
CF Tony KellyHOTY Clare1
LWF Danny Sutcliffe Dublin1
RCF Pádraic Collins Clare1
FF Patrick Horgan Cork1
LCF Conor McGrath Clare1



GK Darren Gleeson Tipperary1
RCB Paul Murphy Kilkenny3
FB J. J. Delaney Kilkenny7
LCB Séamus Hickey Limerick1
RWB Brendan Maher Tipperary2
CB Pádraic Maher Tipperary3
LWB Cillian Buckley Kilkenny1
MD Richie HoganHOTY Kilkenny2
MD Shane McGrath Tipperary2
RWF John O'Dwyer Tipperary1
CF Patrick Maher Tipperary1
LWF T. J. Reid Kilkenny2
RCF Colin Fennelly Kilkenny1
FF Séamus Callanan Tipperary1
LCF Shane Dowling Limerick1



GK Colm Callanan Galway1
RCB Paul Murphy Kilkenny4
FB Joey Holden Kilkenny1
LCB Noel Connors Waterford2
RWB Daithí Burke Galway1
CB Tadhg de BúrcaYHOTY Waterford1
LWB Cillian Buckley Kilkenny2
MD Michael Fennelly Kilkenny3
MD David Burke Galway2
RWF Cathal Mannion Galway1
CF Richie Hogan Kilkenny3
LWF T. J. ReidHOTY Kilkenny3
RCF Ger Aylward Kilkenny1
FF Séamus Callanan Tipperary2
LCF Maurice Shanahan Waterford1



GK Eoin Murphy Kilkenny1
RCB Cathal Barrett Tipperary1
FB James Barry Tipperary1
LCB Daithí Burke Galway2
RWB Pádraig Walsh Kilkenny1
CB Ronan Maher Tipperary1
LWB Pádraic Maher Tipperary4
MD Jamie Barron Waterford1
MD David Burke Galway3
RWF Walter Walsh Kilkenny1
CF Austin GleesonHOTY, YHOTY Waterford1
LWF Patrick Maher Tipperary2
RCF Richie Hogan Kilkenny4
FF Séamus Callanan Tipperary3
LCF John McGrath Tipperary1


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