Gülbahar Hatun (wife of Mehmed II)

This article is about the First wife of Mehmed II. For the wife of Bayezid II, see Gülbahar Hatun II.
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Gülbahar Hatun
کل بھار خاتون
Valide-i macide
Fatihetü'l-maeyâmin ve'l hayrat [1]

The interior appearance of the tomb in Gülbahar's mausoleum at the Fatih Mosque, Istanbul.
Valide sultan of the Ottoman Empire
Tenure 3 May 1481 – 1492
Predecessor Emine Hatun
Successor Hafsa Sultan
Born c. 1432
Died 1492
Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Burial Fatih Mosque, Istanbul
Spouse Fatih Sultan Mehmed
Issue Gevherhan Hatun
Bayezid II (possibly step-son)[2]
Religion Sunni Islam

Gülbahar Hatun (c. 1432–1492) was the Empress consort of Sultan Mehmed II, and mother[3] of Sultan Bayezid II of the Ottoman Empire.[1]


She married Sultan Mehmed II in 1446 at Manisa.[4]


There have been differing views of her origin. The Ottoman inscription (vakfiye) describes her as Hātun bint-i Abdullah (Daughter of Abdullah), which means that her father was a convert to Islam. She was the real biological mother of Bayezid II.[1]


There are differing views of her issue:

According to custom, Gülbahar got the highest position as Valde Hatun in the imperial family after the sultan himself when her son, Bayezid II, ascended the throne in 1481 until her death in 1492.

In popular culture

In 2012 film, Fetih 1453, Gülbahar was portrayed by Şahika Koldemir.

Gülbahar's mausoleum at the Fatih Mosque, Istanbul.

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Ottoman royalty
Preceded by
Emine Hatun
Valide Hatun
1481 – 1492
Succeeded by
Ayşe Hafsa
as Valide Sultan
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