Funaria is also the name of a genus of nematodes in order Dorylaimida
Funaria hygrometrica
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Bryophyta
Class: Bryopsida
Subclass: Funariidae
Order: Funariales
Family: Funariaceae
Genus: Funaria
Hedw., ¸1801[1]

Funaria apophysata
Funaria hygrometrica

Funaria is a genus of approximately 210 species of moss. Funaria hygrometrica is the most common species. Funaria hygrometrica is called “cord moss” because of the twisted seta which is very hygroscopic and untwists when moist. The name is derived from Latin word “funis” meaning a rope.

Capsules are abundant with the moss surviving as spore when conditions are not suitable.

Moss plant Funaria grows in dense patches or cushions in moist shady and cool places during the rainy seasons. It has a height of 3–5 cm, a radial symmetry with a differentiation of an axis or stem, leaves or phylloids and multicellular colorless branched rhizoids with oblique septa.

These are primitive multicellular, autotrophic, shade loving, amphibious plants. They reproduce by spore formation. They have no vascular system. Root like structures called rhizoids are present. They show alternation of generation i.e. the gametophytic stage alternates with the sporophytic stage.

Accepted species

  1. Funaria acicularis Müll. Hal.
  2. Funaria acidota (Taylor) Broth.
  3. Funaria acutifolia (Hampe) Broth.
  4. Funaria aequidens Lindb. ex Broth.
  5. Funaria altiseta (Herzog) Broth.
  6. Funaria altissima Dixon
  7. Funaria americana Lindb.
  8. Funaria ampliretis (Rehmann ex Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  9. Funaria andicola (Mitt.) Broth.
  10. Funaria anomala Jur.
  11. Funaria antarctica (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  12. Funaria apiahyensis (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  13. Funaria apiculatopilosa Cardot
  14. Funaria apophysata (Taylor) Broth.
  15. Funaria arctica (Berggr.) Kindb.
  16. Funaria arenicola (Lazarenko) Loeske
  17. Funaria aristatula Müll. Hal.
  18. Funaria balansae (Besch.) Broth.
  19. Funaria beccarii (Hampe) Broth.
  20. Funaria bergiana (Hornsch.) Broth.
  21. Funaria berteroana Hampe ex Müll. Hal.
  22. Funaria beyrichii Hampe
  23. Funaria bogosica Müll. Hal.
  24. Funaria bonplandii (Hook.) Broth.
  25. Funaria borbonica (Besch.) Broth.
  26. Funaria borneensis Dixon
  27. Funaria brassii (E.B. Bartram) W. Schultze-Motel
  28. Funaria buseana (Dozy & Molk.) Broth.
  29. Funaria calvescens Schwägr.
  30. Funaria cameruniae Dixon
  31. Funaria campylopodioides (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  32. Funaria capillaris Warnst.
  33. Funaria capillipes Broth.
  34. Funaria cartilaginea (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  35. Funaria chevalieri P. de la Varde
  36. Funaria chilensis (Thér.) Thér.
  37. Funaria chiloensis (Mitt.) Broth.
  38. Funaria clavaeformis (Müll. Hal. & Hampe) Broth.
  39. Funaria clavata (Mitt.) Magill
  40. Funaria clavellata (Mitt.) Broth.
  41. Funaria commixta Thér.
  42. Funaria commutata (Durieu & Mont.) Lindb.
  43. Funaria contorta (E.B. Bartram) W. Schultze-Motel
  44. Funaria convexa Spruce
  45. Funaria costesii Thér.
  46. Funaria curvi-apiculata (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  47. Funaria curvipes (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  48. Funaria curviseta (Schwägr.) Milde
  49. Funaria decaryi Thér.
  50. Funaria delicatula Thér.
  51. Funaria deserticola Trab.
  52. Funaria discelioides Müll. Hal.
  53. Funaria diversinervis (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  54. Funaria dozyana (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  55. Funaria eberhardtii (Broth. & Paris) Broth.
  56. Funaria erectiuscula Mitt.
  57. Funaria euryloma Dixon
  58. Funaria eurystoma (Mitt.) Broth.
  59. Funaria excurrentinervis Cardot & P. de la Varde
  60. Funaria faucium (Herzog) Broth.
  61. Funaria flava (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  62. Funaria flavicans Michx.
  63. Funaria flexiseta (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  64. Funaria fontana (Herzog) Broth.
  65. Funaria fontanesii Schwägr.
  66. Funaria fritzei Geh.
  67. Funaria fuscescens Mitt.
  68. Funaria glabripes (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  69. Funaria gracilis (Hook. f. & Wilson) Broth.
  70. Funaria grossidens Broth.
  71. Funaria hildebrandtii (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  72. Funaria holstii Broth.
  73. Funaria hookeriana Thér.
  74. Funaria hosseusii E.B. Bartram
  75. Funaria husnotii (Schimp. ex Besch.) Broth.
  76. Funaria hygrometrica Hedw.
  77. Funaria hygrometrica f. breviseta (Broth.) Cufod.
  78. Funaria hygrometrica var. calvescens (Schwägr.) Mont.
  79. Funaria hygrometrica x physcomitrium acuminatum L. Bauer & Broseg
  80. Funaria imerinensis Cardot
  81. Funaria incompleta Müll. Hal.
  82. Funaria incurvifolia Müll. Hal. ex E. Britton
  83. Funaria inflata Müll. Hal.
  84. Funaria integra (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  85. Funaria jamesonii (Taylor) Taylor
  86. Funaria japonica Broth.
  87. Funaria javanica (Dozy & Molk.) Broth.
  88. Funaria kilimandscharica Müll. Hal.
  89. Funaria koelzei E.B. Bartram
  90. Funaria krausei (Besch.) Geh. & Herzog
  91. Funaria laevis Mitt.
  92. Funaria laxissima Müll. Hal.
  93. Funaria leibergii (E. Britton) Broth.
  94. Funaria lepervanchei (Besch.) Broth.
  95. Funaria lignicola Broth.
  96. Funaria limbata (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  97. Funaria lindigii (Hampe) Broth.
  98. Funaria linearidens Müll. Hal.
  99. Funaria longicollis Dixon
  100. Funaria longiseta (Schimp.) Broth.
  101. Funaria ludoviciae Broth. & Paris
  102. Funaria luteo-limbata Broth.
  103. Funaria lutescens (Hampe) Broth.
  104. Funaria macrocarpa (Schimp.) R.H. Zander
  105. Funaria macrospora R.S. Williams
  106. Funaria maireana Copp.
  107. Funaria marginatula (Müll. Hal.) Cardot
  108. Funaria mathwesii (Hook. f.) Broth.
  109. Funaria mauritiana (Schimp. ex Besch.) Broth.
  110. Funaria mayottensis (Besch.) Broth.
  111. Funaria meeseacea Müll. Hal.
  112. Funaria megalostoma Mitt.
  113. Funaria microcarpa (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  114. Funaria micropyxis (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  115. Funaria microstoma Bruch ex Schimp.
  116. Funaria minuticaulis (Müll. Hal. ex Geh.) Watts & Whitel.
  117. Funaria mittenii (Dozy & Molk.) Broth.
  118. Funaria muhlenbergii Turner
  119. Funaria muhlenbergii var. alpina (J.J. Amann) Castelli
  120. Funaria nilotica Broth.
  121. Funaria noumeana (Besch.) Broth.
  122. Funaria nubica Müll. Hal.
  123. Funaria obtusa (Hedw.) Lindb.
  124. Funaria obtusa var. ahnfeltii (Fr.) Kindb.
  125. Funaria obtusa var. notarisii (Schimp.) Pavletic
  126. Funaria obtusata Schimp.
  127. Funaria obtuso-apiculata (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  128. Funaria oligophylla (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  129. Funaria orizabensis Müll. Hal.
  130. Funaria orthocarpa Mitt.
  131. Funaria ouropratensis (Paris) Thér.
  132. Funaria papillosa (Müll. Hal.) Wijk & Margad.
  133. Funaria paucifolia (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  134. Funaria pellucida (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  135. Funaria perlaxa Thér.
  136. Funaria perrottetii (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  137. Funaria pilifera (Mitt.) Broth.
  138. Funaria plagiothecia (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  139. Funaria planifolia (Thwaites & Mitt.) Broth.
  140. Funaria polaris Bryhn
  141. Funaria porteri Thér.
  142. Funaria producta (Mitt.) Broth.
  143. Funaria puiggarii (Geh. & Hampe) Broth.
  144. Funaria pulchella H. Philib.
  145. Funaria pulchra Dixon & P. de la Varde
  146. Funaria pulchricolor Müll. Hal.
  147. Funaria ramulosa (Hampe) Paris
  148. Funaria renauldii (Thér.) Cardot
  149. Funaria rhizomatica (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  150. Funaria rhizophylla (Sakurai) Sakurai
  151. Funaria rhomboidea J. Shaw
  152. Funaria riparia Lindb.
  153. Funaria robustior (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  154. Funaria rottleri (Schwägr.) Broth.
  155. Funaria saharae Trab.
  156. Funaria sartorii Müll. Hal.
  157. Funaria schinzii (Geh.) Broth.
  158. Funaria schnyderi Müll. Hal.
  159. Funaria serrata Brid.
  160. Funaria serricola (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  161. Funaria sickenbergeri Müll. Hal.
  162. Funaria sinuato-limbata Cardot & P. de la Varde
  163. Funaria sipascoyae (Herzog) Broth.
  164. Funaria sovatensis Schimp. ex Müll. Hal.
  165. Funaria spathulata Schimp. ex Müll. Hal.
  166. Funaria spathulifolia (Cardot & Thér.) Broth.
  167. Funaria subcuspidata Broth.
  168. Funaria suberecta Mitt.
  169. Funaria subimmarginata Cardot & P. de la Varde
  170. Funaria subleptopoda Hampe
  171. Funaria submarginata (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  172. Funaria subnuda Taylor
  173. Funaria subplanifolia Broth.
  174. Funaria subtilis (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  175. Funaria subulata (E.B. Bartram) W. Schultze-Motel
  176. Funaria succuleata (Wager & C.H. Wright) Broth. ex Magill
  177. Funaria tenella Müll. Hal.
  178. Funaria trumpffii (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  179. Funaria uleana (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  180. Funaria undulata (Hampe) Broth.
  181. Funaria urceolata (Mitt.) Magill
  182. Funaria usambarica Broth.
  183. Funaria valdiviae Müll. Hal.
  184. Funaria varia (Mitt.) Broth.
  185. Funaria verrucosa (Müll. Hal.) Broth.
  186. Funaria volkensii Broth.
  187. Funaria wallichii (Mitt.) Broth.
  188. Funaria wichurae (M. Fleisch.) Broth.
  189. Funaria wijkii R.S. Chopra


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