Frozza Orseolo

Frozza Orseolo

Frozza's image on the Babenberg family tree
Spouse(s) Adalbert, Margrave of Austria


Father Otto Orseolo
Mother Grimelda of Hungary
Born 1015
Died 17 February 1071

Frozza Orseolo (1015 - 17 February 1071) was the third royal consort of Austria.


Frozza was a daughter of Otto Orseolo,[1] Doge of Venice, and granddaughter of Pietro II Orseolo.[2] Her brother was Peter, King of Hungary,[3] and she was possibly a sister-in-law of Judith of Schweinfurt.

She married Adalbert, Margrave of Austria and later took the name of Adelheid and bore a son Ernest, Margrave of Austria.[4]


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