Frontiers in Zoology

Not to be confused with Frontiers (publisher).
Frontiers in Zoology  
Abbreviated title (ISO 4)
Front. Zool.
Discipline Zoology
Language English
Edited by Jürgen Heinze, Diethard Tautz
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Publication history
License Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license
ISSN 1742-9994
LCCN 2004243836
OCLC no. 56719374

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Frontiers in Zoology is a peer-reviewed online scientific journal which deals in the field of "all aspects of animal life".[2] In 1999 it was the first open access journal focussing on zoology.[2] It is published online only.[3] The Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft initiated and supports its publishing by BioMed Central.[2]

The journal publishes the following article types: research articles, book reviews, commentaries, debate articles, hypotheses, methodology articles, reviews and short reports under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license.[2]


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