Freemen of the South Movement

For the 19th century rebellion, see Freemen of the South.
Freemen of the South Movement
Movimiento Libres del Sur
President Humberto Tumini
Founded 2006
Headquarters Buenos Aires, Argentina
Student wing Movimiento Universitario Sur
Ideology Social democracy
Political position Left-wing
National affiliation Broad Front UNEN
International affiliation Foro de São Paulo
Seats in the Chamber of Deputies
1 / 257

The Free of the South Movement (Spanish: Movimiento Libres del Sur) is a leftist political alliance created in 2006 in Argentina, made up of the Movimiento Barrios de Pie, the Agrupación Martín Fierro, the Frente Barrial 19 de Diciembre and the Corriente Patria Libre.

In the Argentine general election, 2007, the movement had two of its members elected as national representatives in the Lower House of the Argentine National Congress, Cecilia Merchan and Victoria Donda, daughter of desaparecidos. They were elected on the lists of the ruling Front for Victory faction of the Justicialist Party and sit in the block of the Popular and Social Encounter.

It is led by Humberto Tumini, Jorge Ceballos, Jorge "Quito" Aragón (Agrupación Martín Fierro), Cecilia Merchan (Red de Mujeres Solidarias) and Isaac "Yuyo" Rudnik.

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