Free Your Mind (MTV award)

Free Your Mind is an award being granted by MTV during its shows all over the world in order to sensitize spectators in touchy matters, the social meat and potatoes, human rights violations, of political and civil laws, promoting the environmental protection in the process non-governmental organizations as well as individuals which are dealing with the given subject matter. The granted award is also involving the financial assistance and the media campaign promoting the winner on all aerials of MTV channels.

MTV Europe Music Awards

Year Recipient Notes
1994 Amnesty International for preventing and end grave abuses of human rights and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated.
1995 Greenpeace for their campaign against underground nuclear testing.
1996 The Buddies and Carers of Europe
1997 Landmine Survivors Network for helping survivors to recover from war, rebuild their communities, and break cycles of violence.
1998 B92 for the journalism and fighting for human rights.
1999 Bono for his world peace work.
2000 Otpor! for their role in the successful overthrow of Slobodan Milošević in October 2000.
2001 Treatment Action Campaign for doing extraordinary work around HIV/AIDS in South Africa.
2002 FARE for counter racism and xenophobia in European football.
2003 Aung San Suu Kyi for leading the Burmese democracy movement.
2004 La Strada for the organization's dedication to the fight against the trafficking of women and girls in Europe.
2005 Bob Geldof for his charity work organizing the Live 8 concerts.
2007 Anton Abele for his work against street violence following Riccardo Campogiani's death.
2009 Mikhail Gorbachev for his involvement in the fall of the Berlin Wall.
2010 Shakira for her continuing dedication to improve access to education for all children around the world.

MTV Australia Awards

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Year Recipient Notes
2005 AusAID for the efforts of over 400 AusAID funded Australian aid workers to tsunami-affected countries.
2006 Peter Garrett

MTV Russia Music Awards

Year Recipient
2004 Vladimir Posner
2005 Valery Gazzaev
2006 Crew of the sailfish "Kruzenshtern"

MTV Romania Music Awards

Year Recipient Notes
2003 Matei-Agathon Dan for the Romanian seaside in 2002.
2004 McCann Erickson for change the situation of Roma communities in Romania through an information and awareness campaign.
2006 United Nations for the work of the UNDP project "Support to Training of Public Managers through Romanian Government Special Scholarships”.
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