Frederick II of Zollern

Friedrich II
Count of Zollern
Noble family Hohenzollern
Father Friedrich I, Count of Zollern
Mother Udilhild of Urach-Dettingen
Born Before 1125
Died 1142 or after 1145

Friedrich II, Count von Zollern (died: 1142[1] or after 1145[2]) was the eldest son of Friedrich I, Count of Zollern, and became Count of Zollern after his father's death around 1125.[3]

Friedrich II supported Lothar of Supplinburg, who was King of Germany, then Holy Roman Emperor, from 1125 to Lothar's death in 1137 against the House of Hohenstaufen, then supported that same house (and the new German King, Conrad III of Germany) after 1138 against the House of Welf.[3]

It was also at this time that the counts of Zollern were able to greatly increase their possessions in terms of both territory and castles in the southwestern parts of today's Germany, expanding to the Rhine, and lower Danube, as well as adding territory in Alsace and by the Neckar. All of these possessions were in the form of allodial land. Land held in feudal tenure was added to these outright possessions to form the ancestral territory of the counts of Zollern.[3]

Family and children

Friedrich had at least two sons:

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Frederick II of Zollern
Born: before 1125 Died: ca. 1145
Preceded by
Friedrich I
Count of Zollern Succeeded by
Friedrich III

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