Frants Berg

Frants Berg

Frants Berg (1504 2 November 1591) was a Danish clergyman who served as the Bishop of Oslo.[1]

He was born in Odense, Denmark. He was the son Claus Berg (ca. 1470 – ca. 1532) and his wife Margrethe de Groth. His father was a German born sculptor and painter who was engaged by King John, King of Denmark and whose decorative work appeared in Danish churches. Queen Christina of Saxony (1461–1521), consort of King John, was his godmother. Queen Christine paid for his education, first at Odense University and later at the University of Rostock.[2]

In 1531 rector in Odense, in 1540 he was vicar at Ribe Cathedral and in 1546 of St. Nicholas' Church in Copenhagen. The Protestant Reformation in Denmark and Norway was introduced in 1537 when Christian III of Denmark declared Lutheranism as the official religion. Berg played a key role in the conversion of the Church of Norway. In 1548, he was promoted to superintendent in Oslo and Hammer. He served as Bishop of the Diocese of Oslo from 1548 to 1580. [3]

Personal life

He was married to Karine Lauridsdatter (ca. 1515-1570). His daughter Gidse (born 1545) was married to Rasmus Hjort (ca. 1525-1604) who succeeded him as dean in Tønsberg. Berg's daughter Magdalena (born 1546) married Jens Nilssøn (1538-1600) who succeeded him as Bishop of Oslo. He was the grandfather of Norwegian clergyman Christoffer Hjort (1561-1616). [4]


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Preceded by
Anders Madssøn
Bishop of Oslo
Succeeded by
Jens Nilssøn
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