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Frans Bak (born 7 February 1958[1]) is a Danish composer, choral conductor, saxophonist, and pianist. He is a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Music, and is known for his work as a jazz performer and composer of film music. In 1994, he founded a composer's association Den 3. Vej.[1]

He is best known for his work as a film composer creating the score for the Danish television series Forbrydelsen as well as the American remake, The Killing, on AMC. His latest projects include Lilyhammer on NRK1/Netflix, starring Steven Van Zandt and the British adaption of the Ruth Rendell novel Thirteen Steps Down.

Frans Bak has also scored numerous commercials, short films and feature films including three Academy Award nominated shorts Ernst & The Light, Sweethearts? and Helmer & Son.

The music for the original Danish version of The Killing is being released on CD from Mercury Classics.

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