Francisco de Álava y Nureña

Francisco de Alava y Nureña, (born ca. 1567) was the brother-in-law of the Governor of Chile, Pedro Osores de Ulloa. He was designated as temporary governor of the Kingdom of Chile by Osores on his death bed in September 1624. Upon hearing of the death of Osores and the temporary appointment of Álava, the Viceroy of Peru, Diego Fernández de Córdoba, Marquis of Guadalcázar decided to replace him with his nephew Luis Fernández de Córdoba y Arce, hoping that he would have occasion to display his military skills in the War of Arauco. Córdoba replaced Álava in May 1625.


Government offices
Preceded by
Pedro Osores
Royal Governor of Chile
Succeeded by
Luis Fernández de Córdoba

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