Francisco Ruiz-Tagle

This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Ruiz de Tagle and the second or maternal family name is Portales.
Francisco Ruiz-Tagle
President of Chile
In office
February 17, 1830  March 31, 1830
Vice President José Tomás Ovalle
Preceded by José Tomás Ovalle
Succeeded by José Tomás Ovalle
Personal details
Born 1790
Santiago, Chile
Died March 23, 1860(1860-03-23)
Santiago, Chile
Political party Conservative
Spouse(s) Rosario Larraín

Francisco Antonio Pascual de la Ascensión Ruiz de Tagle y Portales (c. 1790 March 23, 1860) was a Chilean political figure. In 1830, he was briefly president of the country as Provisional President of Republic of Chile elected by Congress.


He was born in Santiago; the son of Manuel Ruiz de Tagle y Jaraquemada and of María del Rosario Portales Larraín. In his youth and according to the social norms of the time, he also became a militia officer in the "Regimiento del Principe" (Prince's regiment). He married Rosario Larraín Rojas and had nine children.

The son of a royalist family, he was a tepid participant in the Chilean War of Independence, specially during the period of the first Government Juntas. After the Battle of Maipu, he became an ardent independentist and joined the Conservative party. Since 1811, he represented Los Andes in parliament. From 1812 to 1814, he served as senator and president of parliament, and in 1814, he became councilman and mayor of the municipality of Santiago and became the provincial governor on February 13, 1817. He was a member of the Government Junta, as a deputy. In 1822, became superintendent of police of Santiago. He was Finance Minister under Vice President Francisco Antonio Pinto, from July 28, 1828 to July 16, 1829.

In the course of events leading to the Chilean Civil War of 1829, he was part of the Government Junta. The junta nominated him as candidate for the following presidential election and Congress elected him as Provisional President on February 17, 1830, by imposition of José Antonio Rodríguez Aldea, head of the O'Higgins party. Immediately that Ruiz-Tagle took over as president, the principal leaders of the liberal side (Manuel Borgoño, Francisco de la Lastra and Juan Gregorio de las Heras) were eliminated from the army roosters. This guaranteed the restart of the hostilities.

Diego Portales, cousin to Ruiz-Tagle, maneuvered to have the president removed. President Ruiz-Tagle and all the cabinet resigned only six weeks later on March 31, claiming health problems, and José Tomás Ovalle, as vice president assumed power on April 1. Under the administration of Manuel Bulnes, Ruiz-Tagle was nominated as privy council. He died on the Chacra Lo Matta of Las Condes on March 23, 1860.


The Ruiz-Tagle Cabinet
Office Name Term
President Francisco Ruiz-Tagle17 February 183031 March 1830
Minister of the Interior & Foreign Affairs Pbtro. Juan Francisco Meneses20 February 18305 April 1830
Minister of War & Navy José María Benavente20 February 18305 April 1830
Minister of Finance Mariano Egaña20 February 183018 March 1830
Pbtro. Juan Francisco Meneses18 March 183015 June 1830


Political offices
Preceded by
Ventura Blanco Encalada
Minister of Finance
1828 - 1829
Succeeded by
Manuel José Huici
Preceded by
José Tomás Ovalle
Provisional President of Chile
Succeeded by
José Tomás Ovalle
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