Francisco de Mascarenhas

Francisco de Mascarenhas
Viceroy of Portuguese India
In office
Monarch Philip I
Preceded by Fernão Teles de Meneses
Succeeded by Duarte de Meneses
Personal details
Born 1530 (1530)
Kingdom of Portugal
Died 4 September 1608

Francisco de Mascarenhas was the 1st count of Vila da Horta, the 1st count of Santa Cruz and the 13th viceroy of Portuguese controlled India from 1581 until 1584, captain of donatary of the islands of Flores and Corvo.


The Count of Vila da Horta was a title created by Philip I of Portugal in 1585 in favor of Francisco. The first count was lost the captaincy of the island of Faial and demanded with the Royal Family, Philip I substituted the title with the count of Santa Cruz conceded the title as a captaincy of donatary in the islands of Corvo and Flores.

Count of Santa Cruz (in Portuguese Conde de Santa Cruz) was a Portuguese title of nobility created by a royal decree of King Philip I of Portugal, dated from October 3, 1593, and granted to Francisco de Mascarenhas (1530-1608), nephew of Dom Pedro de Mascarenhas, 6th Viceroy of Portuguese India.

Through a remarkable marriage policy, this family inherited several other titles and estates, such as Marquis of Gouveia in 1686, and Duke of Aveiro in 1745.

Preceded by
Fernão Teles de Menezes
13th Viceroy of Portuguese India
Succeeded by
Duarte de Menezes, 14th Viceroy of India


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