Francis Grosvenor, 8th Earl of Wilton

Francis Egerton Grosvenor, 8th Earl of Wilton (born 8 February 1934) is a peer of the United Kingdom.

He is the eldest son of Robert Egerton Grosvenor, 5th Baron Ebury and his first wife Anne Acland-Troyte. He succeeded his father as 6th Baron Ebury in 1957, and his fourth cousin, Seymour William Arthur John Egerton, 7th Earl of Wilton, to the earldom in 1999.

Following a career in the financial services industry in London, Melbourne and Hong Kong, he attained a doctorate in Philosophy-Arts at Melbourne University, going on to teach there as 'Dr Francis Ebury'.

The Earl is a member of the Board of Directors of Victorian Opera (Melbourne).

He married:

The heir to the titles is his son, the Hon. Julian Francis Martin Grosvenor, styled Viscount Grey de Wilton.


Peerage of the United Kingdom
Preceded by
Seymour Egerton
Earl of Wilton
Heir apparent:
Julian Grosvenor, Viscount Grey de Wilton
Preceded by
Robert Egerton Grosvenor
Baron Ebury
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