Francesco Melzi

Francesco Melzi

Francesco Melzi

Vertumnus and Pomona (15181522) by Francesco Melzi
Born Francesco Melzi
Died c.1568-1570
Vaprio d'Adda
Occupation Painter
Known for The painting of Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci
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Francesco Melzi (ca. 1491 - 1568/1570) was an Italian painter. He was the son of a Milanese noble family. Melzi joined the household of Leonardo da Vinci in 1506. He accompanied Leonardo on trips to Rome in 1513 and to France in 1517. As a painter, Melzi worked closely with and for Leonardo. Some works which, during the nineteenth century, were attributed to Leonardo are today ascribed to Melzi.

Upon Leonardo's death, Melzi inherited the artistic and scientific works, manuscripts, and collections of Leonardo, and would henceforth faithfully administer the estate. Melzi wrote to Leonardo's brothers to notify them of his death, and in this letter he described Leonardo's love for his pupils as "sviscerato e ardentissimo amore",[1] but like a son for a father [2]

Returning to Italy, Melzi married, and fathered a son, Orazio. When Orazio died on his estate in Vaprio d'Adda, his heirs sold the collection of Leonardo's works.

His painting "Flora" appears on the album cover of Mango's Gli amori son finestre.[3]


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