Four Courts Press

Four Courts Press
Founded 1974
Founder Michael Adams
Country of origin Ireland
Headquarters location Dublin
Publication types Books
Official website

Four Courts Press is an Irish academic publishing house.

It was founded in 1970 by Michael Adams, a managing director at Irish University Press and a member of Opus Dei.[1][2] After Irish University Press collapsed, Adams joined Irish Academic Press in 1974 with Four Courts Press as an imprint.[1][2][3] Its early publications were primarily theological, notably the English translation of the Navarre Bible.[1] However, from 1992 it expanded into publishing peer-reviewed works in Celtic Studies, Medieval Studies and Ecclesiastical History. Later publications ranged into Modern History, Art, Literature and Law.[4]

Four Courts Press currently has around 500 titles in print and publishes up to 70 new works each year. It is now Ireland's most active academic publishing house.[1]

The Press has an office at 7 Malpas Street, Dublin.[4]

Michael Adams died on 13 February 2009.[1]


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