Forsand Church

Forsand Church
Forsand kirke

View of the church
Forsand Church
Location in Rogaland county
Forsand Church
Location in Rogaland county
58°54′04″N 6°05′52″E / 58.9012°N 6.0978°E / 58.9012; 6.0978Coordinates: 58°54′04″N 6°05′52″E / 58.9012°N 6.0978°E / 58.9012; 6.0978
Location Forsand, Rogaland
Country Norway
Denomination Church of Norway
Churchmanship Evangelical Lutheran
Consecrated 10 Oct 1854
Status Parish church
Functional status Active
Architect(s) Tollak Tollaksen Gudmestad
Completed 1854
Capacity 300
Materials Wood
Parish Forsand
Deanery Ryfylke prosti
Diocese Diocese of Stavanger

Forsand Church (Norwegian: Forsand kirke) is the main parish church for Forsand municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. It is located in the village of Forsand, near the mouth of the Lysefjorden. The church is part of the Forsand parish in the Ryfylke deanery in the Diocese of Stavanger. The white, wooden church was built in 1854 by the architect Tollak Tollaksen Gudmestad. The church, which seats about 300 people, was consecrated on 10 October 1854 by the Bishop Jacob von der Lippe. An addition to the church is being constructed on the south side of the church, adding bathrooms and other meeting spaces. The addition is expected to be completed in mid-2016.[1][2][3]

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