Foreningen Norden

Foreningen Norden (Norwegian and Danish), Föreningen Norden (Swedish), Norræna félagið (Icelandic), Norrøna Felagið (Faroese), Peqatigiiffik Norden (Greenlandic) or Pohjola-Norden (Finnish), The Nordic Association, is an organization in the Nordic countries which exists to promote civil cooperation between the Nordic countries. It was established in 1919, and has sections in Sweden, Norway, Denmark (inclusive Southern Schleswig), Finland, Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Åland. Since 1965 these national branches are grouped in an umbrella organization Foreningene Nordens Forbund.

Fields of cooperation include the job exchange program Nordjobb and town twinning between Nordic countries.

It was a proponent for the establishment of the Nordic Council, a political cooperation organization.

The sections publishes quarterly magazines linke Magasinet Norden in Norway, Nordens Tidning in Sweden, Norden Nu in Denmark and Pohjola-Norden in Finland.

It is responsible for a range of cultural events including the annual literary festival Nordisk bibliotekuke[1] which was organised in conjunction with the PR-Foreningen for Nordiske Biblioteker up to 2009.[2] The festival was accompanied by an annual teddy bear event for children with a bear provided by Bukowski Design of Stockholm.


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