Foreign Affairs Select Committee

The Foreign Affairs Select Committee is one of many select committees of the British House of Commons, which scrutinises the work of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


The Foreign Affairs Committee carries out many inquiries, and publishes a variety of reports, including an annual Human Rights Report. During its inquiry into the government's decision to invade Iraq, Dr. David Kelly famously gave evidence to the committee on 15 July 2003, two days before his death.

In 2015 through 2016 the committee conducted an extensive and highly critical inquiry into the British involvement in the Libyan Civil War. It concluded that the early threat to civilians had been overstated and that the significant Islamist element in the rebel forces had not been recognised, due to an intelligence failure. By summer 2011 the initial limited intervention to protect Libyan civilians had become a policy of regime change. However that new policy did not include proper support and for a new government, leading to a political and economic collapse in Libya and the growth of ISIL in North Africa. The former Prime Minister David Cameron was ultimately responsible for this British policy failure.[1][2][3]


As of October 2015, the Committee's current members are as follows:

Member Party Constituency
Crispin Blunt MP (Chair) Conservative Reigate
John Baron MP Conservative Basildon and Billericay
Rt Hon Ann Clwyd MP Labour Cynon Valley
Mike Gapes MP Labour and Co-op Ilford South
Andrew Rosindell MP Conservative Romford
Nadhim Zahawi MP Conservative Stratford-on-Avon
Stephen Gethins MP Scottish National North East Fife
Mark Hendrick MP Labour and Co-operative Preston
Adam Holloway MP Conservative Gravesham
Daniel Kawczynski MP Conservative Shrewsbury and Atcham
Yasmin Qureshi MP Labour Bolton South East

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