Foras na Gaeilge

Foras na Gaeilge
Formation 2 December 1999 (1999-12-02)
Type Executive agency
Legal status Intergovernmental implementation body
Purpose Promotion of the Irish language throughout Ireland
Headquarters Dublin and Belfast
Region served
Official language
Ferdie Mac an Fhailigh
Main organ
Board of directors
Parent organisation
The North/South Language Body

Foras na Gaeilge (Irish pronunciation: [ˈfˠɔɾˠəsˠ n̪əˠ ˈɡeːlʲɟə], "Irish Institute"; often abbreviated to FnaG) is a public body responsible for the promotion of the Irish language throughout the island of Ireland, including both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. It was set up on 2 December 1999, assuming the roles of the Irish language board Bord na Gaeilge, the publisher An Gúm, and the terminological committee An Coiste Téarmaíochta, all three of which had formerly been state bodies of the Irish government.


The body is an agency of The North/South Language Body, which was formed as a cross-border implementation body under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement to oversee the furtherance of the native languages of the island of Ireland. Foras na Gaeilge promotes Irish, and its counterpart the Ulster-Scots Agency promotes Ulster Scots.

The body also serves an advisory role in matters pertaining to the Irish language in both the public and private sectors in the Republic of Ireland (where Irish is the first official language) and Northern Ireland (where Irish is a recognised regional language). The largest series of events core-funded by Foras na Gaeilge is Seachtain na Gaeilge, held annually in the run up to St Patrick's Day with events held throughout the world.

Foras na Gaeilge also creates terminology to add to the Irish language.

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