Football Association of the Czech Republic

Football Association of the Czech Republic
Founded 1901 (Bohemia)
FIFA affiliation 1907 (Bohemia)
UEFA affiliation 1954 (Czechoslovakia)
President Miroslav Pelta

The Football Association of the Czech Republic (Czech: Fotbalová asociace České republiky; FAČR) or colloquially the Czech Football Association is the governing body of football in the Czech Republic, based in Prague. It organizes the lower-level league competitions in the country (the professional Czech First League and Czech Second League are organized independently), the Czech Cup, and the Czech Republic national football team.


First predecessor were established as Bohemian Football Union in 1901 in Austro-Hungarian constituency Kingdom of Bohemia. From 1922 to 1993, during the existence of Czechoslovakia, the association was known as the Czechoslovak Football Association (Czech: Československá asociace fotbalová; ČSAF) and controlled the Czechoslovakia national football team. After the partition of Czechoslovakia the association took the name Bohemian-Moravian Football Union (Českomoravský fotbalový svaz; ČMFS) until June 2011.



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