Fontana Distribution

Fontana Distribution
Industry Music & entertainment
Genre Various
Predecessor Independent Label Sales (ILS)
Founded 2004
Headquarters San Francisco, California, United States
Services Distribution, production, warehousing, marketing, sales, brand partnerships, merchandising, finance, back office
Parent Isolation Network
Divisions Fontana Distribution
Fontana Label Services
Fontana International

Fontana Distribution is a division of San Francisco-based Isolation Network. A minority stake of the company was owned by Universal Music until INgrooves acquired Fontana Distribution from UMG in 2012 to form INgrooves Fontana.[1]


Fontana deals in distribution, as well as in a range of sales, marketing, and back office support services, for a diverse roster of independent record labels and their artists.[2] The company takes its name and logo from the Fontana Records label; it was initially launched by Universal Music Group in 2004 and later sold[3] to Isolation Network in 2012. The company includes a UK-based operation, Fontana International, which handles territories outside of North America.[4] The company also has a joint venture in Canada with MapleCore known as Fontana North. The company is the successor of PolyGram's Independent Label Sales (ILS), which folded after the 1999 merger of the MCA and PolyGram families of labels that created Universal Music Group.

Fontana Distribution has been known to successfully round up albums worldwide from national Universal Music Group companies for American release or for distribution into further territories. Fontana Distribution also partners with Executive Music Group, Chicago Independent Distribution, and Twenty Two Music Group Distribution, which in turn distribute other independent labels.

Fontana Distribution-affiliated labels

Fontana Distribution is affiliated with more than 30 labels, including the following:


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