This article is about the German Marine Flottillenadmiral OF-6. For the equivalent US naval rank, see Commodore (rank). For the use of this rank in other countries, see Flotilla admiral.
shoulder board / cuff title / mounting loop
Rank insignia German flag officer rank
Rank group Commissioned officers
Army / Air Force Brigadegeneral
ArmyBrigadier general

Flottillenadmiral, short FltlAdm in lists FADM, (en: Flotilla admiral) is the lowest flag officer rank in the German Navy, corresponding to command of a US Navy Rear Admiral (lower half) or Commodore (Royal Navy). It is equivalent to Brigadegeneral in the Bundeswehr or to Admiralarzt/Generalarzt, Admiralapotheker/Generalapotheker in the Zentraler Sanitätsdienst der Bundeswehr.

Its rank insignia, worn on the sleeves and shoulders, are one five-pointed star above a big gold stripe and a nerrow one (without the star when rank loops are worn). It is grade B6 in the pay rules of the Federal Ministry of Defence.

The sequence of ranks (top-down approach) in that particular group is as follows:

German Navy officer rank
junior rank
Kapitän zur See
Flottillenadmiral senior rank

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  1. The abbreviation "OF" stands for de: "Offizier / en: officer / fr: officier / ru: офицер"
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