Florimond de Beaune

Florimond de Beaune (7 October 1601, Blois 18 August 1652, Blois) was a French jurist[1] and mathematician, and an early follower of René Descartes.[2] R. Taton calls him "a typical example of the erudite amateurs" active in 17th-century science.[1]

In a 1638 letter to Descartes, de Beaune posed the problem of solving the differential equation

now seen as the first example of the inverse tangent method of deducing properties of a curve from its tangents.[3][4]

His Tractatus de limitibus aequationum was reprinted in England in 1807;[5] in it, he finds upper and lower bounds for the solutions to quadratic equations and cubic equations, as simple functions of the coefficients of these equations.[2] His Doctrine de l'angle solide and Inventaire de sa bibliothèque were also reprinted, in Paris in 1975.[1] Another of his writings was Notae breves, the introduction to a 1649 edition of Descartes' La Géométrie.[6]


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