Flavius Salia

Flavius Salia (fl. 4th century) was a Roman military officer who was appointed consul in AD 348.


Salia was of Germanic descent and a devout Christian. He rose through the military ranks to become the Magister equitum under the emperor Constans from AD 344 to 348. Constans dispatched him after the Council of Sardica, along with two bishops, Vincentius of Capua and Euphrates of Cologne, to the court of his brother, Constantius II at Antioch, with a letter from Constans demanding that Constantius restore the Patriarch of Alexandria Athanasius to his see.[1]

Then in AD 348, Salia was made consul posterior alongside Flavius Philippus.[2]



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Political offices
Preceded by
Vulcacius Rufinus II
Flavius Eusebius
Consul of the Roman Empire
with Flavius Philippus
Succeeded by
Ulpius Limenius II
Fabius Aconius Catullinus Philomathius
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