Flaiano Prizes

The Flaiano Prizes (Italian: Premi Flaiano) are a set of Italian international awards recognizing achievements in the fields of creative writing, cinema, theater and radio-television.[1][2] Established to honour the Italian author and screenwriter Ennio Flaiano (1910-1972), the prizes have been awarded annually since 1974 at the Teatro Monumentale Gabriele D'Annunzio in Pescara, Flaiano’s hometown, as well as D'Annunzio's.

Since 2001 the cinema section has become a true film festival, consisting of several events and film selections presented in cinemas around the town and open to the general public. The Flaiano Film Festival is one of Italy's International Film Festivals. The Festival lasts one month (between June and July of each year), with the presentation of films in competition and out of competition, allowing the participation of thousands of spectators. The festival is enriched by several smaller festivals each year and is divided into several sections for which prizes are awarded. These include best film, best foreign film, male and female actors, director, photographer, editing, soundtrack, set design and costumes. A special jury prize is awarded, best film of onset and also the premium carriera. The highest award given is the Flaiano gold for the film which is reserved to writers for film, directors, performers Italian and foreign critics.

Award winners

Literary Prize

Super Flaiano of Literature

Poetry Prize

Italian Studies Prize

Special Prize


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