Flag of Agin-Buryat Okrug

Agin-Buryat Okrug
Proportion 2:3
Adopted July 6, 2001
Design Vertical tricolour of blue, yellow, and white with a yellow Soyombo symbol at top left
Designed by Bato Dampilon

The flag of Agin-Buryat Okrug, in the Russian Federation, is a vertical tricolour of blue, yellow and white. The flag is charged with a yellow partial Soyombo symbol at the upper end of the blue band. The Soyombo is a cultural symbol of the Mongol people and is also present on the flags of Mongolia and Buryatia.

The flag was designed by Buryat artist, Bato Dampilon. It was adopted on July 6, 2001. The proportions are 2:3.


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