Five Rings of Moscow

Five Rings of Moscow
Race details
Date May
Region Moscow, Russia
Discipline Road race
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type Stage race
First edition 1993 (1993)
Editions 22 (as of 2014)
First winner  Yuri Amelkhin (RUS)
Most wins  Sergey Firsanov (RUS)
 Andrei Ptchelkine (RUS)
 Ivan Terenine (RUS)
(2 wins)
Most recent  Andrey Solomennikov (RUS)

The Five Rings of Moscow is a road bicycle racing stage race held annually in Moscow, Russia.[1] It was first run in 1993 and since 2005 has been part of the UCI Europe Tour as a 2.2 category race. The most successful riders are Sergey Firsanov, Andrei Ptchelkine and Ivan Terenine, who have two victories each.

Past winners

Rider Team
1993 Russia Amelkhin, YuriYuri Amelkhin (RUS)
1994 Russia Zaitsev, AlexanderAlexander Zaitsev (RUS)
1995 Russia Kuznetsov, SergeiSergei Kuznetsov (RUS)
1996 Russia Fadeyev, NovelNovel Fadeyev (RUS)
1997 Russia Grishkine, OlegOleg Grishkine (RUS)
1998 Russia Galkin, DimitriDimitri Galkin (RUS)
1999 Russia Koudentsov, SergeySergey Koudentsov (RUS)
2000 Russia Gorbachev, DmitryDmitry Gorbachev (RUS)
2001 Russia Terenine, IvanIvan Terenine (RUS)
2002 Russia Ptchelkine, AndreiAndrei Ptchelkine (RUS)
2003 Russia Ptchelkine, AndreiAndrei Ptchelkine (RUS)
2004 Russia Terenine, IvanIvan Terenine (RUS)
2005 Russia Vorganov, EduardEduard Vorganov (RUS) Omnibike-Dynamo Moscow
2006 Russia Khatuntsev, AlexanderAlexander Khatuntsev (RUS) Omnibike-Dynamo Moscow
2007 Belarus Kuschynski, AleksandrAleksandr Kuschynski (BLR) Belarus national team
2008 Russia Galimzyanov, DenisDenis Galimzyanov (RUS) Katusha Continental Team
2009 Russia Kritsky, TimofeyTimofey Kritsky (RUS) Katusha Continental Team
2010 Russia Firsanov, SergeySergey Firsanov (RUS) Team Designa Køkken-Blue Water
2011 Russia Firsanov, SergeySergey Firsanov (RUS) Itera–Katusha
2012 Russia Boev, IgorIgor Boev (RUS) Itera–Katusha
2013 Russia Razumov, MaksimMaksim Razumov (RUS) Itera–Katusha
2014 Russia Solomennikov, AndreyAndrey Solomennikov (RUS) RusVelo
2015 Ukraine Polivoda, OleksandrOleksandr Polivoda (UKR) Kolss BDC Team


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