First League of the Republika Srpska

First League of the Republika Srpska
Country  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Confederation UEFA
Founded 1995
Number of teams 12
Level on pyramid 2
Promotion to Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Relegation to Second League of the Republika Srpska
Domestic cup(s) Bosnian Cup, Republika Srpska Cup
International cup(s) UEFA Europa League
(The winner of the Bosnian Cup earns
an automatic spot in the Europa League)
Current champions Krupa (1st title)
Most championships Borac Banja Luka (3 titles)
Radnik Bijeljina (3 titles)
TV partners RTRS
Website First League RS (Serbian)
2016–17 First League of the Republika Srpska

First League of the Republika Srpska (Serbian: Прва лига Републике Српске / Prva liga Republike Srpske) is a second level football competition in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since there were three different football championships in country, organized on ethnic principles, the "First League of the Republika Srpska" was the top flight in Republika Srpska before 2002. However, the champions of this League were not recognized by UEFA. In 2002, the top clubs from Republika Srpska joined Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the First League was kept as one of two second level divisions. It is still run by the Football Association of Republika Srpska, and has ended its boycott of Bosnian football on a federal level.

The league changes from 2014–15 and has been split into two stages, regular season and playoffs. Each of the 12 competitors in the First League hosts every other team once in the regular season, for a total of 22 matches. A playoff phase is then played from April to May. The point system in the championship playoff is the same as during the regular season, except that each team starts with half of the points they won in the regular season, rounded up to the nearest integer. The points gained by rounding are deducted in the case of a tie. Similar systems are also used in the Belgian Pro League and the Polish Ekstraklasa. The top sixth teams from the regular season enter the championship playoff, with the first-placed team winning the First League and teams ranked 7 to 12 after the regular season enter the relegation playoffs. Each team plays their opponents once. The League champion is promoted to the Premier League at the end of the season, and the bottom clubs are relegated to lower leagues. The number of relegated teams depends on how many clubs are entering the league. That will be the winners of 2 third level leagues, the winner of relegation play-off, and Republika Srpska clubs relegated from the Premier League. So, sometimes two clubs will be relegated, and sometimes three or four.

Member clubs for 2016–17

League champions

Previous champions and winners of the league are:[1]

Season Champion Runners Up Top Goalscorer Club Goals
1995/96 Boksit Milići Rudar Prijedor Siniša Đurić
Zoran Majstorović
Kozara Gradiška
Boksit Milići
16 Goals
16 Goals
1996/97 Rudar Ugljevik Sloga Trn Mladen Zgonjanin
Sloga Trn
Glasinac Sokolac
14 Goals
14 Goals
1997/98 Rudar Ugljevik Borac Banja Luka Nikola Bala Rudar Ugljevik 31 Goals
1998/99 Radnik Bijeljina Rudar Ugljevik Mladen Zgonjanin Sloga Trn 23 Goals
1999/00 Boksit Milići Rudar Ugljevik Nedo Zdjelar Sloboda Novi Grad 29 Goals
2000/01 Borac Banja Luka Sloboda Novi Grad Milanko Đerić Boksit Milići 26 Goals
2001/02 Leotar Trebinje Kozara Gradiška Pavle Delibašić
Siniša Jovanović
Leotar Trebinje
glasinac Sokolac
21 Goals
21 Goals

Since 2002–03 season, it became a second national level competition. League champion gets direct promotion to the Premier League.

Performance by club

Club Winners Winning Years
Borac Banja Luka
2001, 2006, 2008
Radnik Bijeljina
1999, 2005, 2012
Rudar Ugljevik
1997, 1998
Boksit Milići
1996, 2000
Drina Zvornik
2010, 2014
Rudar Prijedor
2009, 2015
Leotar Trebinje
Modriča Maxima
Slavija Sarajevo
Kozara Gradiška
Mladost Velika Obarska


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