First Independent Films

First Independent Films
Film distributor, home video company
Fate Sold to Columbia TriStar Home Video
Founded 1981 (as Vestron Video UK)
1991 (as First Independent Films)
Defunct 1999
Headquarters London, England

First Independent Films was a British film distributor and home video company that replaced Vestron Video UK and were first opened in 1991.

Although a small film company, the company distributed a wide selection of genres, but they mainly served as a distributor for New Line Cinema and Turner Pictures Worldwide Distribution. The company also distributes independent films.

Some films released by First Independent Film are distributed and marketed by Cinema Club, a home video company that specialises in movies owned by Video Collection International (now 2 Entertain).

First Independent Films was sold to Columbia TriStar Home Video (now Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) in 1997 and shut down two years later but Columbia TriStar continued to use the First Independent Films label for as long as four years.


Some notable films distributed by First Independent Films (or Vestron Video UK) include:

Children's programmes

Martin Gates Productions


Current Distribution

Note: First Independent shut down its video distribution plant in London in October 1999. The following programmes would go on to be distributed by other companies after 1999.

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