First Fisher Ministry

The First Fisher Ministry; from left to right:
Standing: McGregor, Pearce, Thomas, Tudor, Hutchison
Seated: Batchelor, Fisher, Lord Dudley (Governor-General), Hughes, Mahon

The First Fisher Ministry was the sixth Australian Commonwealth ministry, and ran from 13 November 1908 to 2 June 1909.[1]

Australian Labor Party

Portfolio Minister
Prime Minister and Treasurer Hon Andrew Fisher, MP
Attorney-General Hon Billy Hughes, MP
Minister for External Affairs Hon Egerton Lee Batchelor, MP
Minister for Home Affairs Hon Hugh Mahon, MP
Postmaster-General Hon Josiah Thomas, MP
Minister for Defence Senator Hon George Pearce
Minister for Trade and Customs Hon Frank Tudor, MP
Vice-President of the Executive Council Senator Hon Gregor McGregor
Minister without portfolio Hon James Hutchison, MP


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