Fire photography

A photograph of a major fire.

Fire photography is the act of taking photographs of firefighting operations. Individuals that practise this form of photography are called fire photographers.

Since fire photography involves being close to dangerous situations, fire photographers must have special skills and knowledge about emergency incident scenes, operations, health and safety.[1] Fire photographers are often required to wear firefighter protective equipment.[2]

Uses of fire photography

The work of fire photographers encompasses multiple applications. These include:

Involvement with fire departments

Fire photographers may or may not be directly employed by fire departments.[3][4][5]They provide a specialized photography service which may involve a fee per-photograph. Access to safety perimeters can be an issue for fire photographers, thus they usually develop good relationships with their local fire department to improve access to fire scenes. Such access may, at the fire department's discretion, require additional training or other arrangements.[6] large departments do have professional photo service units such as New York City and Chicago.


A formal fire photographer certification process is being drafted by the International Organization of Fire Photography (IOFP). The intent of this certification is to attest that an individual has sufficient training, skills and knowledge in relevant areas (health & safety, firefighting operations, etc.) to operate within a safety perimeter of an emergency incident scene.

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