Strength athletics in Finland

Strength athletics in Finland refers to the participation of Finnish competitors and events in the field of strength athletics in association with the World's Strongest Man.


Finland had enormous success on the international stage in the 1990s and early 2000s, having won 3 World's Strongest Man titles, and numerous major European and international competitions. In particular, Jouko Ahola was the 1997 World's Strongest Man & 1999 World's Strongest Man champion, Janne Virtanen won the 2000 World's Strongest Man, and Riku Kiri was a 3 time consecutive Europe's Strongest Man champion from 1995-1997. In recent years Finland has struggled in the major international scene, having not made the finals of WSM since 2002, and not having any major international victories.

National competitions

Finland's Strongest Man

Finland's Strongest Man
Tournament information
Location Finland
Established 1987
Format Multi-event competition
Current champion
Finland Jarno Jokinen

Finland's Strongest Man is an annual strongman held every year in Finland since 1987.[1] Jón Páll Sigmarsson, Bill Kazmaier and Hjalti Arnason were guests in the competition but their placings were not included in the final results.[1] Both Janne Virtanen and Jani Illikainen hold the record with 4 wins, Ilkka Nummisto and Riku Kiri hold 3 wins each as well.[1]

Top 3 placings

Year Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place
1987 Finland Arto Lyytikäinen Finland Markku Suonenvirta Finland Jari Leino/Kari Pötrönen
1988 Finland Riku Kiri
1989 Finland Markku Suonenvirta Finland Ilkka Nummisto
1990 Finland Ilkka Nummisto Finland Markku Suonenvirta
1991 Finland Ilkka Nummisto Finland Markku Suonenvirta
1992 Finland Ilkka Nummisto Finland Jukka Laine Finland Marko Varalahti
1993 Finland Riku Kiri Finland Marko Varalahti Finland Jarmo Ruotsalainen
1994 Finland Riku Kiri Finland Harri Simonen Finland Jorma Ojanaho
1995 Finland Marko Varalahti Finland Sami Heinonen Finland Jukka Laine
1996 Finland Jorma Ojanaho Finland Jouko Ahola Finland Marko Varalahti
1997 Finland Jouko Ahola Finland Sami Heinonen Finland Jorma Ojanaho
1998 Finland Janne Virtanen Finland Matti Uppa Finland Jukka Laine
1999 Finland Janne Virtanen Finland Sami Heinonen Finland Juha-Matti Räsänen
2000 Finland Janne Virtanen Finland Sami Heinonen Finland Juha-Matti Räsänen
2001 Finland Janne Virtanen Finland Juha-Matti Räsänen Finland Pasi Paavisto
2002 Finland Juha-Matti Räsänen Finland Sami Heinonen Finland Harri Simonen
2003 Finland Juha-Matti Räsänen Finland Esa Qvintus Finland Tomi Lotta
2004 Finland Tomi Lotta Finland Juha-Matti Räsänen Finland Jani Illikainen
2005 Finland Jani Illikainen Finland Matti Uppa Finland Juha-Pakka Aitala
2006 Finland Jani Illikainen Finland Juha-Matti Räsänen Finland Esa Qvintus
2007 Finland Jani Illikainen Finland Jani Kolehmainen Finland Janne Hartikainen
2008 Finland Jani Illikainen
2009 Finland Juha Matti Jarvi
2010[2] Finland Pedro Karlsson
2011[2] Finland Jarno Jokinen Finland Pedro Karlsson
Repeat champions
Champion Times
Finland Janne Virtanen 4
Finland Janni Illikainen 4
Finland Riku Kiri 3
Finland Ilkka Nummisto 3
Finland Juha-Matti Räsänen 2

Regional Competitions

Nordic Strongman Championships

The Nordic Strongman Championships consists of athletes from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.[3]

Year Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place Location
2005 Norway Svend Karlsen Sweden Magnus Samuelsson Finland Juha-Matti Räsänen Norway IFSA Nordic Strongman Championships Kristiansand, Norway
2012[3] Sweden Johannes Arsjo Norway Lars Rorbakken Denmark Michael Licht Norway Nordic Strongman Championships Harstad, Norway


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