Financial Secretary (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong
Special Administrative Region

Financial Secretary

The Hon John Tsang

since 1 July 2007
Style The Honourable
Member of Government Secretariat
Executive Council
Reports to Legislative Council
Residence 45 Shouson Hill Road
Appointer Central People's Government
nomination by Chief Executive
Term length No longer than the Chief Executive's remaining term
Inaugural holder Donald Tsang
Formation 1 July 1997
Website FSO
Politics and government
of Hong Kong
Foreign relations

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The Financial Secretary (Chinese: 財政司司長) is the title held by the Hong Kong government minister who is responsible for all economic and financial matters, equivalent to the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the United Kingdom and Minister of Finance in other nations. The position is among the three most senior Principal Officials of the Government, second only to the Chief Secretary in the order of precedence (but not subordinate to the CS). Together with other secretaries, the Financial Secretary is accountable to the Legislative Council and the territory's Chief Executive (the Governor before the 1997 transfer of sovereignty) for his actions in supervising the formulation and implementation of financial and economic policies.

The position evolved out of the office of the Colonial Treasurer before 1940. The Financial Secretary is a member of the Executive Council, and gives advice to the Chief Executive in that capacity. He is also responsible for delivering the annual budget to the Legislative Council. To date, it is the only office among the three highest Principal Officials of the Government (Chief Secretary, Financial Secretary, and Secretary for Justice/Attorney General) not to have been occupied by a woman.

The incumbent Financial Secretary is John Tsang.

List of Secretaries

Colonial Treasurers between 1842 and 1937

Name Took office Left office
Edward Elmslie 1842 1843
Charles Edward Stewart 1843 1844
Robert Montgomery Martin 1844 1847
William Thomas Mercer 1847 1854
Robert Rienaecker 1854 1857
Frederick Henry Alexander Forth 1857 1871
Sir Cecil Clementi Smith PC GCMG 1871 1879
Sir James Russell CMG 1879 1883
Alfred Lister 1883 1890
Norman Gilbert Mitchell-Innes 1891 1896
Thomas Sercombe Smith 1896 1898
Alexander MacDonald Thomson 1898 1918
Charles McIlvaine Messer OBE 1918 1931
Edwin Taylor CMG 1931 1937


Financial Secretaries between 1937 and 1997

Financial Secretaries after 1997

Politiical party:   Nonpartisan

Portrait Name
Term of office Political party Chief Executive Term Ref
Took office Left office Duration
1 Donald Tsang Yam-kuen

(born 1944)

1 July 1997 30 April 2001 3 years, 303 days Nonpartisan Tung Chee-hwa 1
2 Antony Leung Kam-chung

(born 1952)

1 May 2001 16 July 2003 2 years, 76 days Nonpartisan
3 Henry Tang Ying-yen

(born 1952)

17 July 2003 30 June 2007 3 years, 348 days Nonpartisan
Donald Tsang 2
4 John Tsang Chun-wah

(born 1951)

1 July 2007 Incumbent 9 years, 161 days Nonpartisan 3
Leung Chun-ying 4


The Financial Secretary's residence is 45 Shouson Hill Road in Deep Water Bay.

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