Fightgirl Ayse

Directed by Natasha Arthy
Produced by Johnny Andersen
Written by Nikolaj Arcel
Natasha Arthy
Rasmus Heisterberg
Starring Semra Turan
Music by Frithiof Toksvig
Cinematography Sebastian Winterø
Edited by Kasper Leick
Distributed by Sandrew Metronome
Release dates
  • 14 December 2007 (2007-12-14) (Denmark)
Running time
97 minutes
Country Denmark
Language Danish

Fighter Achia (also known as Fightgirl or Fighter) is a 2007 drama action film directed by Natasha Arthy.


Achia is a young woman in Copenhagen whose parents want her to attend medical school because they wish for her a future with proper health insurance and entitlement to a pension. They also like to make sure she finds an appropriate husband.

She on the other hand considers her parents somewhat square and has her own plans. She is dedicated to Kung Fu. As a martial arts adept she receives recognition for doing something she enjoys.

Her family and her would-be in-laws resent her commitment for an exotic contact sport which regularly includes combat with men. All of them are worried about her neglecting school and getting a shady reputation.

When she falls in love with a young fighter named Emil the chances for her marriage with the man of her family's choice start to fade away.

Still her kin hasn't given in. There is Omar, a friend of the family, who is even more traditional than all the others, joins her club. He challenges her, intending to prove that her training is a waste of time. Ayse has to stand up against him.



The film received positive reviews.[1][2] It was especially appreciated for its handling of questions about cultural and personal identity [3] Semra Turan's performance was praised.[4]


Semra Turan was awarded as best actress at the 2008 Sitges Film Festival.[5]

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