Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1997 (1997)
Area served
Argentina (65 cities),[1]
Services Internet service provider by cable modem
Owner Cablevisión S.A.
Number of employees

Fibertel is an Argentine Internet service provider. It worked as a stand-alone organization until 2003, when it was merged with Cablevisión, a cable television provider. Cablevisión is part of the Grupo Clarín, thus Fibertel became part of it. Fibertel has over a million clients, and it is the third ISP of the country.[2] The ongoing controversies between Clarín and Kirchnerism led to the revoke of Fibertel's licence in 2010, which generated great political stir. However they are now legally operating due to a Judge from Córdoba giving them their license back.


Fibertel started working in 1997, giving service of cable modem. This gave it an edge over contemporary ISP, many of which provided Dial-up Internet access.[3] It was bought in 2003 by Cablevisión, a cable television provider. Cablevisión would be bought later by the Grupo Clarín.


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