Ferdinand de la Cerda, Lord of Lara

Ferdinand de la Cerda, Lord consort of Lara
Spouse(s) Juana Núñez de Lara
Noble family House de la Cerda
Father Ferdinand de la Cerda, Infante of Castile
Mother Blanche of France
Born 1275
Died Shortly after 1 June 1322

Fernando de la Cerda (1275–1322) was the younger son of Ferdinand de la Cerda, Infante of Castile and his wife Blanche of France. His paternal grandparents were Alfonso X of Castile and Violant of Aragon. His maternal grandparents were Louis IX of France and Marguerite of Provence. His elder brother was Alfonso de la Cerda.

The fight for the throne

Fernando's father died before inheriting Castile, his elder brother should have ascended the throne on his grandfather's death. In 1282 their uncle, Sancho assembled a coalition of nobles to declare for him against Fernando's elder brother, then took control of the kingdom when Alfonso X of Castile died in 1284. This was all against the wishes of the boys grandfather, but Sancho was crowned in Toledo nevertheless.

Arms of the House of La Cerda before 1376

Sancho was recognised and supported by the majority of the nobility and the cities, but a sizable minority opposed him throughout his reign and worked for Alfonso and Fernando. One of the leaders of the opposition was Don Juan, his uncle, who united to his cause the lord of Vizcaya, Lope Díaz III de Haro. Sancho responded by executing the lord of Vizcaya and incarcerating his uncle.

Marriage and issue

Fernando was married to Juana Núñez de Lara, who is also known as Lady of Lara. The couple had three daughters and a son,


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