Fernand Cabrol

Fernand Cabrol
Born 11 December 1855
Marseille, France
Died 4 June 1937
Farnborough, Hampshire
Residence Farnborough, Hampshire
Nationality French
Occupation Benedictine monk
Known for Theology, Scholarship
Religion Roman Catholic

Fernand Cabrol (11 December 1855 – 4 June 1937) was a French theologian, Benedictine monk and noted writer on the history of Christian worship.[1]

Cabrol was born in Marseille. He became prior of St Michael's Abbey in Farnborough, Hampshire in 1896, and abbot in 1903. He is best known for being a co-founder of the Dictionnaire d'archéologie chrétienne et de liturgie, together with Henri Leclercq.

Selected works of scholarship

Dictionnaire d'archéologie chrétienne et de liturgie

Cabrol was the founding editor and the majority of the volumes were edited by himself and Henri Leclercq and they also contributed articles to the encyclopaedia (Vol. 14, pt 2 & 15 were edited by H. I. Marrou). By 1953 the work was complete in 15 volumes, each of two parts.[2]

Selected other works

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