Ferenc Pfaff

Ferenc Pfaff (Mohács, November 19, 1851 – Budapest, August 21, 1913) was a Hungarian architect and academic.


Pécs railway station

Pfaff received his degree in 1880 after studying under Imre Steindl at the József Nádor Technical University in Budapest. Early in his career, he designed a number of smaller buildings, among which is the Roman Catholic church at Svábhegy.

He is best known, however for his career as an architect with the Hungarian Railways. Joining in 1887, he later became director of building works right across the Hungarian lands within the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In the following two decades he would design some 20 large, and numerous smaller railway stations, mainly in the Renaissance eclectic style. These buildings were often modest but notable for their fine sense of proportion and scale. He also redesigned a number of existing stations, notably in Croatia (Zagreb and Rijeka) and in Hungary (Győr, Kassa and Miskolc).

Railway stations

Tisza railway station in Miskolc
Zsombolya railway station

Other buildings

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