Feminine hygiene

Feminine hygiene products (also called menstrual hygiene products) are personal care products used by menstruating women, some transgender men, intersex people and nonbinary people for menstruation, vaginal discharge, and other bodily functions related to the vulva and vagina. Sanitary napkins (American English) or sanitary towels (British English), tampons, menstrual cups, pantiliners, and period panties are the major categories of feminine hygiene products. Products meant to "cleanse" the area of the vulva or inside of the vagina, such as feminine deodorants, douche, feminine powders, feminine soaps, and feminine wipes are also considered "feminine hygiene" products.

Access to materials

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In low-income countries, girls’ choices of menstrual hygiene materials are often limited by the costs, availability and social norms.[1]

Product types

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