Felice Pasquale Baciocchi

Portrait circa 1805
Coin with Elisa and Felice's busts
His arms as Prince of Lucca

Felice Pasquale Baciocchi Levoy (18 May 1762 – 28 April 1841) was born at Ajaccio into a noble, but poor, Corsican family. He was second lieutenant in the French army in 1778, lieutenant in 1788, then Captain in 1794. Around 5 May 1797, he married Elisa Maria Bonaparte, Napoleon's younger sister, in Marseilles.

Baciocchi was then promoted to colonel in 1802, to Brigadier General in 1804, and to Major General in 1809. He was also made a Senator in 1804 and Imperial Prince in 1805. Thanks to his brother-in-law's conquests, Baciocchi became Prince of Lucca, but without the associated power or the sovereign power, which really was exercised by his wife. He also serenely endured her infidelities.

When Napoleon's empire collapsed, he retired with Elisa to Trieste, then to Bologna after her death in 1820.

He died in that city on April 28, 1841.


Baciocchi and Bonaparte had 4 children, of whom 2 survived to adulthood:

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